Sometimes, the nights are long. Sometimes your baby won’t sleep. At times your mind won’t shut off. There are nights when the tears won’t stop. Sometimes, as in the past 2 weeks in my house, your now 7 year old wakes repeatedly and struggles to go back to sleep. These nights can feel like they will never end.

When the Nights are Long, Hope Comes with the Dawn

Have you been there, without hope?

It can feel hopeless:

  • When you are afraid to fall asleep because you may be woken up 10 minutes later.
  • When you are wrestling with a major life decision and you feel paralyzed by the choices.
  • When your mind is blurry and you’re not able to form a sentence clearly, let alone adequately comfort your child in his distress.
  • When you and your spouse are fighting, and you are not sure if you can keep doing this marriage thing.

    It can feel like the morning will never come.

    But the morning does come, and with the dawn of a new day, there is hope.

    There’s hope for a fresh start, a new beginning. There’s something about the light of the morning that changes things. Sure, you may still be in a foggy haze until you have 3 cups of coffee, but the darkness of the night is gone. You can see things more clearly, and you can think more easily (after that coffee, at least).

    When the nights are long, hope comes with the dawn

    Anyone who knows me knows that I love any and all music written and sung by Jon Foreman – both his solo works and with his band Switchfoot. He recently put out a 4-disc project called “The Wonderlands.” The last installment is called, “Dawn”.

    As I’ve been listening over the past week, I am moved by the power of these songs. Mostly what has moved me is the hope I hear in the words Jon sings.

    One song in particular has spoken to me as I deal with questions and challenges that I’m not sure how to overcome. The song is “Inseperable“, and here’s an excerpt:

    Not in death or in life
    Neither angels nor ghosts
    Not the past or the future
    Not the highs or the lows
    Neither hunger nor wealth
    Not in sickness or health
    Not the left or the right
    Not the day or the night

    Nothing can keep us away
    Nothing can separate
    Nothing can keep us away

    Nothing can keep us away
    From the love of the Saviour

    If you are familiar with the Bible, you know this comes from a passage in Romans chapter 8. But sometimes, Scripture set to music, or spoken a bit differently than you’ve always heard, can bring a fresh perspective.

    With this song, I’m reminded that there is absolutely nothing than can separate me from Christ’s love. These challenges we face currently WILL come to an end.

    But even in this life on earth, which is full of sorrow and hardship, there is hope.

    “No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us.” – Romans 8:37 (emphasis mine)

    Did you hear that? If you are facing something that seems impossible, memorize this verse with me. Meditate on it.

    Remember that because of Christ’s love for you, there is no way you can lose. You may lose your life, but if you have trusted in Jesus, you will have life eternal.

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    Cling to the truth when the lies surround you. Hold onto the Savior when the world tries to pull you away. He will never leave you – all you have to do is trust.