Spiritual wellness and growth is about nurturing your soul. If your soul is thirsty, none of the other stuff you do to fill yourself up will suffice. There will always be something missing if your spirit is hurting.

Personally, my relationship with God is what sustains me every day. I can truly say that I would not be where I am in my life without my relationship with God through Jesus Christ. I grew up in a Christian home, but my faith truly became mine at age 13, after my father died in a sudden accident.

One of my passions now is to help other women get to know more about God and the Bible, as well as deepen their relationship with Him. I absolutely love watching people discover truth and begin applying it in their lives. At the same time, this process challenges and changes me to continue growing in my own faith, answer the tough questions, and live out what I believe more fully.

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IF: Equip – Daily devotional and video covering a different topic or book of the Bible during different time periods. There is also an app that you can download on your phone and access dozens of Bible studies right there!
Proverbs 31 Ministries – Daily devotional you can read, as well as a free app you can download, and lots of other resources as well.
You Version Bible App – An easy way to access multiple versions of the Bible on your phone or tablet, as well as lots of built-in devotionals you can subscribe to within the app.
FOCUSed 15 – Intentional Bible study in 15 minutes a day. Lots of resources as well as studies you can purchase.
Lifeway Women – Online Bible studies as well as many other resources for free and for purchase.

Unblinded Faith by Elisa Pulliam

Unblinded Faith is a 90 day devotional that helps you dig deep into God’s word in small, bite-sized pieces. It will help you stay centered on truth in the midst of a noisy world. Each day’s devotional gives you an opportunity to hear from Elisa, read scripture in context (not just 1 or 2 verses), respond to that passage, and then reflect on the passage.

Anything by Jennie Allen

Anything is a book that helped transform my faith and challenge my notions of what it means to follow Jesus. You can read my blog post about it here.

Everyday Hope by Katie Orr

Everyday Hope is one of Katie Orr’s Bible studies, where she helps women study the Bible in 15 minutes a day. I went through this study with my small group, and I found it incredibly encouraging. I love Katie’s approach to Bible study, as she encourages women to focus in on one section of scripture for a week, doing a different activity on each of the days. This is a great option for women who have limited time, but want to dig deep into God’s word.


Jennie Allen’s Blog – Jennie is a book & Bible study author, as well as the founder of IF: Gathering. I find her posts to be an encouraging and challenging.

RockThis is a blog and ministry that provides excellent resources for women to grow in their faith and in their understanding of God’s word.

More To Be is a blog and podcast designed to help you experience real life change and make a lasting impact. The blog and podcast is full of Biblically-based content designed to help you life out your faith. Plus, Elisa offers life coaching, life coach training, and much more for the woman who wants to explore and discover her purpose in life.

The Don’t Mom Alone podcast is one that has been a real encouragement to me as a mom. Heather MacFadyen hosts the podcast and interviews all kinds of guests. They tackle parenting issues, faith, marriage, and much more.