Some days, I feel all alone. As a pastor’s wife and mom, there are times that it seems like no one else around me truly “gets it”. Being in ministry and leadership is hard. There’s something unique about it that is different from other roles we fill throughout our lives.

One of my goals here at is to help point other women like me (moms who love their kids deeply, but still get great joy from serving outside of the home in a ministry role) to resources and tools that will help support them.

Resources for Moms in Ministry

I’ve decided to compile a list of resources for moms in ministry that I have found beneficial. If you know of more, please feel free to share in the comments! I’m always looking to add to my list personally.

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1. Leading and Loving It

This is an excellent website for any woman in ministry. They provide tons of great free resources, including an app for your phone, for pastor’s wives and women in ministry or leadership.

One of my favorite things they do is an annual virtual conference called “Just One”. This is a series of videos sent out over 10 days that offer encouragement, guidance, and support.

Leading and Loving It also has a Facebook group, which is full of women who are willing to pray for one another and offer support for the unique challenges faced in ministry life.

2. Propel Women

Propel’s mission is “Celebrating every woman’s passion, purpose, and potential”. Propel offers great content on their blog to encourage you in your leadership and faith.

They produce an excellent curriculum for women in leadership that is faith-based, but also provides thought-provoking and meaningful conversation starters. Propel has chapters that meet around the globe to dive into the curriculum and go deeper into issues that affect women in ministry or leadership roles.

3. IF Gathering

This is an annual event and movement founded by Jennie Allen, one of my favorite Bible teachers and authors. The vision of IF is to gather, equip, and unleash women to live out God’s calling on their lives. Though I haven’t been able to attend an IF Gathering live, I have been able to participate from afar and have been truly blessed by the message and mission presented.

While IF is not geared towards women in ministry specifically, it is definitely geared towards all women who want to walk in the calling God has for all of us – that is, to go into the world and make disciples. Ultimately, that calling applies whether you are a stay-at-home mom or the president of a large corporation. It applies whether you are an artist or a teacher or a writer.

Jennie also has a private Facebook group called “Our Village” where she sometimes does Facebook live videos, and offers encouragement to women living out their faith. I appreciate her honesty, her leadership, and her boldness as she encourages the rest of us to fully accept and embrace what God has called us to do.

4. More to Be

More to Be is a ministry founded by my friend and colleague Elisa Pulliam. Her vision is to help women experience authentic life transformation for the sake of the next generation. She has a big heart for mentoring and women in ministry.

One of my favorite resources from Elisa is the Infuse Course, which I’m using with my Bible study group.

As women in ministry, it is essential that we are healthy ourselves.

If we are not emotionally, spiritually, physically, and relationally healthy, we are not going to be able to minister to other people who are in crisis or in need.

As women in ministry, it is essential that we are healthy ourselves.Click To Tweet

That’s why I love what More to Be offers – it’s a reminder to make sure that we have experienced transformation ourselves before we attempt to lead others.

5. Women Leading Women

This is a wonderful resource for women who are in a ministry or leadership positions where they are leading other women. They offer free training, along with helpful blog posts and lots more. Be sure to head over and check out what they have to offer.

6. Resources for Your Marriage

Of course, I can’t finish this blog post without mentioning the importance of keeping your marriage healthy when you are in ministry. Whether you are a pastor’s wife, or you’re a woman in a ministry role and your husband is not, it’s still incredibly important to make sure you are investing in your marriage relationship on an ongoing basis.

I’ve got lots of free resources for doing that here on the blog. But I’ve also got a workshop about getting on the same page as your husband. This has been one of the most important things my husband and I have done.

Taking the time to really get on the same page about our vision for the future, as well as our calendars and how we spend our time has truly changed the way we interact on a daily basis.

While this is absolutely not an exhaustive list of resources for women in ministry, I hope there is something here that could benefit you.

If you know of other pastor’s wives or women in leadership, hit one of the sharing buttons below to share these resources with them! I am sure they will appreciate knowing that they are not alone in this journey.

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