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Podcast Guest Info

Exciting news: The Christian Woman Leadership Podcast is coming soon!

About the Podcast:

Our desire is to encourage and equip women to embrace their God-given gifts, skills, and passions in order to lead with confidence. Our focus will be on providing support, encouragement, and resources to help women grow in leadership, whether in church or career.

Click here to learn more about the podcast and where to find us.

Podcast Audience:

Our ideal listener is a Christian woman who is a high achiever and is leading in ministry or business. She is multi-passionate and always leading in multiple ways. She may have started her own business, she might organize and run a women’s ministry, or she may speak and share her story.

Podcast Hosts:

Holly Cain and Esther Littlefield The podcast is hosted by myself, Esther Littlefield, with Holly Cain as the co-host. Holly and I have been friends for years, and we both have experience as leaders in a variety of capacities, both in the church world and in the workplace/business.

If you feel you can provide value to our audience, we invite you to fill out the guest info form below.