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If you are married, building a healthy marriage is a major key to success as a Christian woman in leadership. Below are some of my favorite resources to help you grow in your marriage. These are resources that my husband and I have used personally.

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Featured Resource

Breathe new life into your marriage, restore the joy, and discover important Biblical truths for your relationship. This 5-day audio devotional and workbook will encourage you in your marriage and faith. I created this specifically for Christian women who are struggling in their marriage or who are simply wanting to createa a stronger foundation in their foundation. Get it here.


This is a super fun blog full of ideas, resources, games, and more to strengthen your marriage. Many of the ideas and resources are free, including some great printables. Others are paid products, so you can pick and choose what is most helpful to you.


This one is my favorite marriage podcasts. Tony & Alisa share candidly about their experiences, as well as provide helpful tips & suggestions for couples.


This ebook is written by Tony & Alisa of ONE Extraordinary Marriage. They provide some basic ground rules for communication which can benefit all of us. The book also contains a list of 101 questions are intended to help you revive your connection with your spouse.


This is an incredibly helpful book and tool which helps you discover how you and your spouse give and receive love. Once you understand this, it is much easier to show your spouse how you love and appreciate them in the way that matters TO THEM. The book is written by Gary Chapman, and I highly recommend it.


These 2 books provide great insights on each gender and why we do the things we do. These books are not just good ideas – they are based on research and studies, and help us to make sense of each other in marriage. For Women Only is written by Shaunti Feldhand, and For Men Only is written by Shaunti & her husband, Jeff.


This is a resource for couples to use to help them better understand themselves and their spouse. While it’s great to get advice that applies to all marriages, it’s even better to find tools to help you address your own personal situation.

That is what The Flag Page will do. It helps you to figure out motivations, passions, and things that drive you – or your spouse – crazy. While there are lots of personality tests out there, this one is the best one I’ve come across specific to marriage.


This is a marriage seminar you can attend, or you can purchase the DVD set to watch on your own. Mark is not your typical marriage conference speaker – he uses lots of humor and personal stories in his speaking. Yet he gives important truths and information you can apply in your marriage. Also, while he is a Christian and a pastor, his material is not “preachy” – so it’s great for people who are believers, but also for those who may not be.


This is a weekend marriage conference that is held across the country. It is fairly intense, and provides a lot of information for you and your spouse. If you’re looking for something super relaxing, this is probably not the best choice. However, if you want to dive deep into your marriage and hear from some great speakers, this is a good option. {Bonus: if you are in ministry, you can receive a full or partial scholarship for the cost of the event.}


This is a virtual workshop provided by Tony & Alisa of ONE Extraordinary Marriage. The workshop helps you to determine what your core values are as a couple and/or family, which is helpful for making decisions and being on the same page as a couple. This is a valuable tool to help you gain clarity and work as a team.

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