Leadership Resources

One of my favorite things to do is to help other Christian women find the leadership resources they need. I’m an avid learner and researcher, so I love providing you with the resources that have helped me in some way.

On this page, you’ll find my best resources for growing as a leader. Looking for resources for other aspects of your life? Click the links below for my other resource pages:

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In the past, I’ve had the goal of reading more, but I’ve struggled to do so. That is until I started using Audible. With audiobooks, I can listen anytime I’m driving, traveling, or doing housework. I find that I’m able to read a lot more books this way, and it makes the time doing dishes and laundry go by much faster.

Audible Free Trial:
• Choose a free audiobook and set up a trial 30 day membership!
• After 30 days, get one audiobook a month for $14.95/month
• Receive 30% off the price of additional audiobook purchases
• Cancel at any time. The books are yours to keep, even if you cancel

The 4 Dimensions of Extraordinary Leadership

This book by Jenni Catron helps leaders to identify what is needed to be an extraordinary leader. Drawing from Biblical principles, Jenni discusses they keys to leading with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength. I highly recommend this resource for anyone looking to grow as a leader.

Strengths Finder & Strengths-Based Leadership

One of the keys to leadership is self-awareness, and knowing your strengths is part of this process. Strengths Finder is an online tool that allows you to find out what your top 5 strengths are, and this helps you to use those strengths to your advantage. If you purchase the book Strengths-Based Leadership, you not only get the book, but you also get a code to take the test online (the test normally costs $19.99, so it’s definitely a good deal to get the book).

The Road Back to You

The Enneagram is another tool that helps you to understand more about yourself. But it also has a spiritual basis to it, and the goal is to move towards health and wholeness as a person. The Road Back to You is an excellent book that provides an overview of the Enneagram and each of the 9 types. I highly recommend it. (I listened to this one on Audible!)


This book has truly helped me to make hard decisions about how I spend my time. A lot of it was information I knew in my head, but the book helped me to process some decisions and actually take action on them. It applies for just about every aspect of your life, and helps you to figure out what is most important.

Goal Setting and Time Management Tools:

PowerSheets – The Power Sheets are available from the Cultivate What Matters Shop. This is not a planner, but rather an intentional goal-setting tool. Instead of jumping directly into setting your annual or monthly goals, the Power Sheets help you to first do some reflection and digging deeper into what God has been doing in your life and what’s most important to you.

Then, you begin the process of identifying your top goals for the coming year. It also has sections for each month, as well as quarterly reflections and a chance to re-assess your goals.