It’s obvious that investing in your marriage will make you a better wife, but will it make you a better mother? I believe it can, and here I’ll share 5 reasons why investing in your marriage makes you a better mom.

You might be wondering how spending time, effort, and even money on your marriage would cause you to be a better mom.

It almost seems backwards – usually we think that in order to be a better mother, we need to be spending MORE time with our kids, more effort to give them quality opportunities, and more money on their education.

Investing in Your Marriage Makes You a Better Mom

When my daughter was 15 months old, my husband and I went away for an entire weekend. And we left her behind. I was still nursing her, so I took my pump along for the weekend.

You might think it crazy for us to leave her when she was so young, but I believe it was necessary for the health of our marriage.

The first year of her life was pretty challenging for both my husband and I, and the time away for the weekend did wonders for our marriage. It allowed us to reconnect, have conversations that were uninterrupted by diaper changes, crying, or incessant babbling.

And that weekend away also allowed me to be a better mother when I returned. I believe that investing in your marriage can help you, too.


  1. When your marriage is healthy, you have more emotional energy to meet your kids’ needs.
  2. Parenting takes a lot of energy – physically, mentally and emotionally. It can be very draining to constantly meet the needs of the small beings you are trying to keep alive.

    If you are also in a struggling marriage, it can feel overwhelming.

    But when you consistently invest in your relationship with your husband, and take the time to nurture that relationship, your overall wellness will be in a much healthier place. You’ll feel better about caring for the kids if you and your husband are in a good place.

  3. Investing in your marriage gives you a break from the motherhood responsibilities.
  4. I believe that investing in your marriage will involve things like date nights, weekends away, morning walks – things that you do without the kids. These activities serve a dual purpose – you invest in your marriage while also taking a break from the mom role.

    When you get a break from the parenting responsibilities, it allows you to feel renewed when you go back to them again.

  5. It gives your kids a good example of a healthy relationship.
  6. By investing in your marriage, your kids are able to see what a healthy marriage looks like. They can see how you handle conflict, how you build each other up, and how you value one another’s thoughts and opinions.

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    There are so many bad examples of marriage and relationships in the media, on TV, and all around us. So it’s important that you demonstrate to your children what a healthy marriage can look like.

  7. It teaches your kids not to be selfish.
  8. Choosing to set aside time for your husband and your marriage lets your children know that the world does not, in fact, revolve around them.

    When they see you serving one another, they will recognize the value of putting someone else’s needs above their own. This will not happen overnight. Kids are inherently selfish from birth – they must be in order to stay alive.

    But over time, your kids will pick up on the fact that life is not all about just getting your own needs met. In fact, there is great joy in meeting other people’s needs.

    Often the tendency in our culture is to be very kids-focused.

    Parents sometimes put their kids first before their marriage, and then they are surprised when the kids have an entitlement attitude as teens, and their marriage begins to fall apart.

    If you want your kids to have a giving attitude and not a selfish one, then be sure to keep your marriage a priority – yes, even before the kids.

  9. It prepares you for the inevitable storms of life.
  10. As a parent, you’re guaranteed to face challenges and difficulties. If you and your husband have a strong relationship when you face those storms – one you’ve invested time and money and effort into – you’re going to be a much better mother.

    But if those storms come and you haven’t invested in your marriage, you may find that the storms draw you farther apart. Your kids will be much better off if you and your spouse can face those struggles as a team rather than fighting against one another.

So if you want to be a better mom, make the effort to invest in your marriage. It is not always easy, especially with the demands of being a mom. But in the long run, you – and your kids – will be better off!

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