Many of you who are reading my blog may be looking for ways to improve your marriage – today. If I’m totally honest, I will tell you that improving your marriage does not happen overnight.

Just like any other change that you want to achieve in your life, it takes lots of time, effort, and energy to create a marriage you love. But I DO believe that there are a few things you can do right now to begin improving your marriage!

3 Things You Can Do to Improve Your Marriage Today


  • Evaluate Your Attitude

The first step in having a better marriage is to evaluate your attitude. You need to start with an honest assessment about how you are feeling regarding your marriage. You should also consider how you are feeling about your husband.

When you step back and consider your OWN attitude, instead of simply trying to change your spouse, you will be heading in the right direction.

Evaluating your attitude will help you to be more aware of how you are treating your spouse. You see, our words flow out of our attitude. And our actions are closely linked to our thoughts and words, as well.

Often we try to change our actions without changing our attitude, and that doesn’t work.

If you want to have a healthier marriage, you must start with your own attitude, and then move on to your actions.

  • Show Appreciation

Another thing you can do to improve your marriage today is to show appreciation. Take a moment to think about what your spouse has done or is doing to help your family. Then find a way to show him your appreciation.

Showing appreciation can be as simple as a note or text message saying “Thank you for __________.” Or, it might be more significant, such as making him his favorite meal or planning an outing together.

For some of us, though, showing appreciation may be a struggle.

I realize that if you are in a difficult time in your marriage, showing appreciation is not easy. You may find it challenging to even think of something to be grateful for regarding your husband.

That’s when reflecting on the past can be helpful. You can think back to a time that your husband did something really special that you appreciated. Then, take a few minutes and write him a note thanking him for that – even though it’s in the past.

Or, perhaps you might appreciate that he goes to work each day, or takes care of the car maintenance, or anything else like that.

It’s often easy to overlook the small things that our husbands do each day, especially if they aren’t quite doing some other things are truly important to us. However, taking a moment to appreciate something seemingly insignificant has the power to transform your marriage!

  • Invest in Yourself & Your Marriage

The last thing you can do to improve your marriage today is to invest in yourself and your marriage. I’ve discussed the importance of investing in your marriage in the past, and you can check that out here.

The fact is, investing in your marriage is as essential as getting the oil changed in your car. If you neglect to do so, eventually your car’s engine will fail. Likewise, investing in your marriage today can have a significant impact on your future.

Investing in your marriage doesn’t only improve your relationship with your husband – it also makes you a better mom! So if you have kids, it is even more important to keep your marriage healthy. It helps you and your spouse, but it also helps your kids as they grow up with a positive outlook on marriage.

Likewise, you need to invest in yourself. I firmly believe in the importance of self-care for us women. We must care for ourselves so that we are more able to care for those around us.

When my marriage was struggling years ago, I was searching for answers. I was trying to find a way to improve my marriage, but I wasn’t finding what I needed.

Eventually I realized I needed to focus on myself in order to change my marriage.

Thankfully, my marriage is now not only surviving but thriving. I learned a lot through that experience, and now I’m passionate about helping other marriages grow.

Because of that passion, I have created a course to help other wives like myself:

It’s called Creating a Marriage You Love: From Frustrated to Flourishing in 10 Weeks.

While I can’t promise this course will solve all of your marriage problems, I can say that if you go through it, and truly apply what I teach you, then you should see some definite improvements!

In the course, I am sharing with you the things that I wish I had known when I was discouraged and disappointed in my marriage. I will help you create a marriage you love!

You might be wondering if this can help you improve your marriage today.

Yes, it definitely can. You can get started with Creating a Marriage You Love right now, and you’ll be able to join a private Facebook group with the other students, and get a Welcome Packet.

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