I’ve decided to give myself a break as a mom.

I’m done beating myself up for all the stuff I’m NOT doing, or not doing well. I’m done putting expectations on myself that don’t need to be there. I’ve decided to give myself a break, because I need one. And I’m pretty sure you need one too.

Recently my husband preached a sermon at church (and rocked it, by the way). He talked about backpackers who start hiking the Appalachian Trail, and they end up throwing off all kinds of gear in the first several miles of the hike.

Why? Because it’s weighing them down. There’s nothing wrong with the gear – in fact, much of it is brand new. But it turns out, that gear wasn’t absolutely necessary for the hike. It wasn’t required, and it was actually slowing them down.

Isn’t that how life is sometimes as moms? We carry around all this extra STUFF that is actually not necessary at all, and in fact, it often slows us down or steals our joy.

One weight that I have carried around is perfectionism – attempting to the be the “perfect” mom.

My desire to plan everything and have things go just the way I planned has gotten in the way of enjoying some aspects of motherhood.

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My need for order and organization, while living with a child who is the complete opposite, has created challenges for me and for her. I’m gradually learning to give myself a break, and recognize that I am NEVER going to be a perfect mom, so there’s really no point in having that as a goal.

Maybe perfectionism is not the weight that you carry around.

Maybe it’s wanting to give your kids every opportunity so that they have a great childhood.

So you spend every waking minute running around to the sports teams, art classes, horseback riding lessons, and piano recitals. There’s nothing wrong with any of those activities – but are they weighing you down?

Are you finding yourself stressed just thinking about your overcrowded schedule? If so, it’s time to give yourself a break.

Or perhaps it’s the pressure to work, or to stay at home, or to do some combination of the two.

Is your career, or lack thereof, causing you to feel “less-than” as a mom? Are you weighing yourself down by worrying about how these decisions are going to affect your child 15 years down the road? STOP. Just stop.

Maybe you’re a Pastor’s wife like me, and you feel the need to do everything.

There’s a ministry that needs help at church, so you’re the point person. You step in because you think no one else is going to do it. You pour so much into church that you feel completely drained at home with your family.


It’s time to throw off these extra weights – even the good ones – and just chill out. This is not easy for me to say. I’m not the most “chill” person you’ll ever meet.

But I have to admit, life is a lot more fun when you’re not trying to be everything to everyone.

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    Life is more fun…

  • when you stop worrying about impressing people you barely know, and instead focus on caring for yourself and those closest to you.
  • when you stop being concerned about doing it all, and instead just do your best where you are planted right now.
  • when you stop comparing yourself to all the other moms who are doing their thing, and instead just focus on doing YOUR thing.

Yup, it is time to give myself a break as a mom, and I hope you do it, too.