Welcome to the Faith & Business series on the Christian Woman Business Podcast.

In this special bonus series, I’m talking with some incredible Christian women entrepreneurs about how they got their business off the ground, how they incorporate faith into their business, and how they are overcoming different challenges in order to up-level their business.

In addition, you’ll hear about their experience inside my upLIFT Mentormind for Christian women. These are short, fun conversations that are sure to encourage and inspire you!

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Wren Robbins

Gaining Focus & Confidence – Wren Robbins, Podcast Coach [Faith & Business Series]

About Wren:
Wren Robbins is a podcast coach who works with Christian female entrepreneurs who want to launch a podcast. She offers 1:1 coaching as well as VIP days. You can check her out at https://wrenrobbins.com/ and grab her free guide: Your First 6 Steps in Starting Your Podcast.

Laura Howe

Aligning Your Business with Your Gifts, Experience, & Dreams – Laura Howe, Church Mental Health Consultant [Faith & Business Series]

About Laura:

Laura Howe loves to equip church leaders and ministry teams as they support and care for others in their community. Founder of Hope Made Strong and the Church Mental Health Summit with over 15 years of experience as a registered social worker focused on mental health and addictions, Laura combines her skills with a passion for equipping and strengthening faith leaders.

Laura equips staff and volunteer leaders with practical, scripturally-based strategies that will strengthen you and your ministry team as you support and care for others in your community.

Connect with Laura at http://hopemadestrong.org/

Kelsy Schmidt

Overcoming the Challenges of Marketing & Perfectionism – Kelsy Schmidt, KPI Strategist

About Kelsy

Kelsy has been in operations & data roles for over 15 years, gaining experiences in project management, system implementations, business process automation, accounting and reporting, and supervising teams. She is also a Certified Director of Operations, specializing in overall data strategy, business process improvement (data systems and automations), and building KPIs + metrics dashboards.

Connect with Kelsy at http://innowik.com/.

Christa Hutchins

The Power of Personal Connections – Christa Hutchins, Project Manager & Accountability Coach

Is it possible to build a thriving business while also working a full-time job? And what difference do personal connections make when growing a business online?

Today you’re going to hear a conversation with Christa Hutchins as part of my Faith & Business Series. You’ll find out how Christa builds her business alongside her full-time job as a project manager. She also shares how she chooses to work with her clients and how personal connections are currently impacting her business.

About Christa:

Christa is a project manager and accountability coach serving Christian creatives and leaders. She is passionate about leading women to draw their strategic influences straight from scripture and apply it to their everyday tasks and decisions. She works one-on-one and through her Move Forward Mastermind. She is also the host of the Just One Simple Thing Podcast.

Connect with Christa at https://doanewthing.com/

Abby Turner

The Benefits of Objective Input & Christian Community in Your Business – Abby Turner, Coach for Parents of Children with ADHD

What do parenting and business have in common? Even as Christians who have God’s word and the Holy Spirit to guide us, we can still benefit from objective input and the support of others in both of these efforts.

Today you’re going to hear a conversation with Abby Turner as part of my Faith & Business Series. You’ll find out how Abby decided to focus on serving Christian parents of kids with ADHD and how faith is an active part of her business. In addition, we dive into why we need objective input and expert help in both our parenting and our business.

About Abby:

Abby is a speaker, writer, and Certified Christian Life Coach with a master’s degree in marriage and family therapy. Through her years as a counselor, her family’s experience being relief house parents at the Milton Hershey School, and her family’s journey managing ADHD, she has found God’s Word to be the most reliable source of guidance, instruction, and comfort. With Scripture as the foundation, Abby applies evidence-based principles of psychology to help families of children with ADHD flourish in a fractured world. Her vision is to see families become a testimony to God’s power and goodness as they are fully restored to his purpose. Each family is intended to be a refuge to raise up children who love God and love others effectively and to be an example of His love for the Church.

Connect with Abby and get her free guide: 10 Ways to Calm Your Emotional Child at https://www.flourishingfamilycoaching.com/