How can you share about your faith boldly with prospective clients, co-workers, and even strangers? And what is the key to making decisions in business and life? 

Sharing the gospel boldly in your business and work

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In the final Business Series episode, Holly and I talk with Shar Biggers about her business journey and her passion for evangelism. She shares some of her key lessons she’s learned in the process of starting and running her businesses, including how she has learned to make decisions and move forward.

In addition, we dive deep into the issue of sharing the Gospel in your business or workplace settings, including discussing why so many Christians remain silent about their faith. Shar provides practical tips for sharing your faith and how to prepare yourself to do so. 

We wrap up our discussion with Shar’s advice for new business owners and some of her favorite resources for ongoing growth as a business owner.

Key Points Discussed:

  • Life and leadership right now [3:37]
  • Shar’s business journey [7:50]
  • Leadership lessons Shar has learned in business [15:33]
    • Good is good enough – letting go of perfectionism
    • Be obedient to God’s voice
  • Why Christians are silent in the workplace [19:20]
    • Risk of losing your job
      • It’s not common to talk about faith in the workplace
    • Fear of rejection
    • Christians who are not in the word and are not equipped to share the Gospel
  •  Practical tips on how to share the Gospel [27:25]
    • Wisdom and discernment
    • Look for opportunities
    • Start conversations – doesn’t have to be specifically about faith
    • Make sure there’s time for a conversation
    • Shar prefers 1:1 interaction
    • Learn, learn, learn!
  • Advice for someone starting a business [39:00]
  • Leaders are Learners [45:16]


Key Quotes from the Episode:

  • “So many leadership journeys,  businesses, and ministries start because someone sees a gap.” – Holly Cain
  • “When God tells you to do something, it’s for a reason–it’s bigger than yourself.” 
  • “Business matters–I love business. Nothing else matters more than a person’s soul.” 
  • “People are afraid. But our silence causes more persecution.” 
  • “Become a student of humans and how humans react.”
  • “Prepare yourself in prayer. Begin to concern yourself with the things God is concerned with… He is going to bring the people.”

Connect with Shar Biggers

Shar is offering 10% off for any branding services or consulting. Just mention this podcast when you contact her.

Shar Biggers is an award-winning visual designer and founder of We Are Provoke. She’s also a preacher of the gospel and a youth leader who is called to evangelism in the marketplace. She is most known for her work with Amazon and for helping the up-and-comers in the world build iconically designed brands; providing them access to an aesthetic that would typically be out of reach. This is especially true for women-led businesses. Shar’s overall goal is to reach souls through the marketplace, as well as spread the gospel by funding the kingdom through creative business or entertainment ventures.


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