Have you ever struggled with finding your purpose? Are you aware of your top 5 strengths and how they can help you be most effective in your leadership? Are you regularly investing in community and finding ways to be intentional in your relationships?

Discovering Your Strengths with Jenni Schubring {purpose series}

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This episode kicks off a new series on the topic of purpose. For the next several weeks, our episodes will dig into the issue of purpose – how to find your purpose, walk in your purpose, and more.

In this episode, I interview Jenni Schubring. We chat about her leadership journey, including her experiences with a Christian camp, parenthood, a discipleship program at her church, and as a life coach.

We also chat about how to discover your strengths using a tool we discussed in Episode 8 called the Strengths Finder, and Jenni shares some valuable insights about how knowing your strengths can help you in your leadership.

We also dive into the value of community and what to do when you are struggling to find the connections you desire. Finally, she shares some wisdom about how to manage multiple passions, especially when you enjoy your work but also want to be a great mom.

Jenni’s Leadership Journey

  • Started at Camp Phillip during 7th grade. Jenni started as a camper and this led to a series of steps in her leadership journey.
  • At the camp, Jenni learned how to lead people of different ages and in different ways.
  • Parenting has become a huge part of her leadership.
“Parenting in and of itself is such a huge part of leadership because you’re raising leaders.” - Jenni SchubringClick To Tweet
  • Jenni also participated in a Transformational Discipleship Program through her church.
    • Got a life coach within the program
    • Became a life coach
    • Became Nexecute Licensed
    • Now is going to one of the facilitators for the other coaches
  • Maturing and learning more about who God made her to be

“If it’s within my strengths, it’s going to come easier to me.”

Discovering Your Strengths:

Jenni’s favorite tool for understanding herself is the Strengths Finder*. This tool measures 34 talents. You can take the test and get your top 5. If you are working within the top 5, you are more efficient and you love what you’re doing – you’re using the gifts God has given you.

The chances of you getting the same top 5 in the same order as someone else is 1 in 33 million.

We discuss Jenni’s top 5 strengths and how they play out in her life:

  • Communication
  • Belief
  • Adaptability
  • Connectedness
  • Restorative

Jenni shares that there is also a shadow side to your strengths. This comes out when we choose to serve our own desires instead of walking in the Spirit.

We can use our strengths for selfish purposes instead of using them to benefit others. Jenni shares an example of how the shadow side of her communication gift has played out.

We discuss how the Strengths Finder can be helpful in teams, in the body of Christ and in families.

Jenni shares that when you find your strengths, know your values, and apply them to the work in front of you this becomes your “sweet spot” – the place where you are going to be most effective and fulfilled.

Sometimes this means taking the step and then seeing where God leads. It also involves surrender.

Jenni Schubring - quote about knowing your strengths | Discovering Your Strengths - CWLP Episode 9

How the Strengths Finder can help women to lead with confidence:

  • Knowing your strengths is very empowering.
  • Hearing the beauty of who God made us to be is amazing.
  • You’re able to step up into the places where God has gifted you.

Community & Friendships:

Jenni and I discuss the value of community and friendships. Jenni believes you should surround yourself with community who also know your strengths and who can speak into you and affirm you.

More tips from Jenni about community:

  • Be intentional about friendships and relationships.
  • Don’t wait for someone to approach you. Be the one who reaches out.
  • Be available for someone to that might be looking for a connection. Jenni shares a powerful example of how she did this in her church atrium.
  • Connect with women who will challenge you and encourage you on a regular basis.

“In order for us to grow, we have to get through the stuff we don’t want anybody else to know about.”

Balancing Multiple Passions:

Jenni and I chat about balancing multiple passions. Jenni shares some of her practical advice:

  • Take time for yourself
  • Spend time alone with Jesus
  • Self-care
  • Create rhythms of spending time in solitude and small community
  • Create margins in your schedule
  • Be present wherever you are

“So often we get off balance because we’re always thinking about the next thing instead of being present.”

We also chat about the challenge some women face when they enjoy their work but also want to be a good mom.

Jenni says you have to ask yourself: Is the guilt because of a sin? Use discernment to determine whether our guilt is valid or not.

Jenni also shares some advice for younger leaders:

Remember the importance of community. Jenni follows the model that Jesus used – core group of 3, larger group of 12, then beyond that the larger community.

Jenni Schubring quote about community | Discovering Your Strengths Episode 9 - Christian Woman Leadership Podcast

Leaders Are Learners:

Jenni’s favorite way of learning is going to in person conferences. But other than that, she also enjoys podcasts.

Currently, she’s focused on learning about the Holy Spirit. She’s been listening to Telling the Truth Podcast.


Jenni helped us to think about our leadership in a different light, especially if you are a parent. She reminded us that raising our children can be a huge part of our leadership responsibility.

In addition, if you’ve ever wondered what your purpose is, Jenni shared that discovering your strengths and gifts can be a key step in the process. When you know your strengths and work in them, things are going to be easier for you. Understanding your strengths also helps improve your relationships.

Jenni also provided a powerful reminder of the importance of community, and challenged us to stop waiting for someone else to reach out. Instead, she encouraged us to be the one to step up and take the first step.

I loved Jenni’s authenticity and genuine spirit as she shared all of this with us. If you want to connect with Jenni and learn more about discovering your strengths, see the links below.

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Connect with Jenni Schubring:

Jenni is a Transformational Life Coach and Speaker and owner of Jenni Schubring LLC. She is a Nexecute licensed coach which allows her to bring their tools to her audiences. As a camp program director, child care director, stay at home mom, office manager of a Christian counseling center, and a licensed foster mom, Jenni has had the opportunity to work with many people of all different ages and backgrounds. Jenni wants everyone to experience the freedom and empowerment that comes with knowing who they are. She has had the opportunity to speak at conferences, women’s retreats, and trainings. She facilitates workshops as well as speaking to groups of all sizes. Jenni lives in Green Bay, Wisconsin with her husband, 4 children, her niece, and their dog.

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