Why do you need to stay healthy as a leader? And what exactly is wellness anyway? How can you practice spiritual and physical wellness in your already busy life?

staying healthy as a leader, spiritual wellness, physical wellness

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Holly and I are kicking off a new series on wellness today. In this first episode of the series, we unpack the big topic of wellness: what it is, the four main components of it, how Jesus practiced it, and what it can look like in your everyday life. There is lots of grace in this episode to not feel pressured to practice all four parts of wellness “perfectly,” especially as each of us is in a different season of life.

If you’re ready for the Biblical view of self-care and how you can make small (but significant) tweaks in your life, listen in!

What is wellness?

According to dictionary.com, wellness is “the quality or state of being healthy in body and mind, especially as the result of deliberate effort.”

Wellness is the umbrella that encompasses your overall health and means you are intentionally investing in yourself so that you can stay healthy. We’re talking about a lifestyle, not a magic formula or rigid routine you must follow. Some people call wellness “self-care,” which is taking care of yourself so you can function and give your best to God and others.

Wellness is about a lifestyle and not just some magic formula or rigid routine.Click To Tweet

Wellness comprises four main areas:

  1. Physical Wellness
  2. Spiritual Wellness
  3. Personal Wellness
  4. Relational Wellness

Today we will dive deep into physical and spiritual wellness, and then next time we’ll go into personal and relational.

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Why does wellness matter?

Wellness is extremely important for you to practice as a Christian woman leader because when you practice wellness you:

  • set an example for those who you lead.
  • positively impact your ministry, team, and business.
  • avoid burnout.

Holly and I are not mental health professionals, but we do know that there are things we can and should do as leaders to stay healthy for the long-term.

How did Jesus practice wellness?

Jesus is our example in everything, including self-care. Jesus ministered for three years, meaning that He didn’t push before His time to get out and lead. He obeyed when His Father told Him it was time to lead. Jesus also rested and didn’t minister 24/7. Jesus fasted, prayed, and ate with people.

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Staying Healthy As a Leader: Spiritual Wellness

Spiritual wellness is foundational to every other type of wellness. For this podcast, Holly and I define spiritual wellness as growth, nurturing your soul, and taking care of your spirit.

bible study, staying healthy as a leader, spiritual wellness, physical wellness

How to Practice Spiritual Wellness

  • Connect with God daily through prayer and reading your Bible.
    • You need to know the truth so you have strength and discernment as you live and lead.
    • When spiritual warfare happens, you will have the armor of God so you can fight battles.
  • Attend a local church.
    • Through church, you’ll have community with other believers.
    • You’ll also benefit the body of Christ by using your spiritual gifts to help others.
  • Participate in a small group.
    • Small groups provide a safe space to wrestle with issues.
    • You’ll also find wise people there!
  • Be aware of who and what you let into your heart, mind, and ears.
    • Pay attention to what you consume, e.g. social media, TV, podcasts, books.
    • Be aware of the spiritual health of those with whom you have close relationships.
    • Have mentors and mentees. Disciple others and be discipled.
  • Serve!
    • An intense way to serve is through mission trips.
  • Confess and be accountable to others.
    • By having accountability partners, you avoid staying in your own head and justifying sin.

Holly and I share what spiritual wellness looks like in our lives right now and some of our regular habits and practices.

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Staying Healthy as a Leader: Physical Wellness

For this conversation, Holly and I define physical wellness as taking care of your body through good stewardship. Physical wellness is not about having the perfect body, eating only organic foods, never getting sick, or living 100 years. We are to honor our physical bodies, which are temples for Christ.

staying healthy as a leader, spiritual wellness, physical wellness

How to Practice Physical Wellness

  • Move your body.
  • Think about how (and what) you eat so that you incorporate variety and moderation.
  • Incorporate habits that help your body.
  • Remember that results may be years away.
  • Get sleep and take time to rest.
  • Listen to what your body is telling you and call the doctor!
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Holly and I discuss what physical wellness looks like in our lives right now and some of our regular habits and practices.


Remember that while we break down the four components of wellness, all four are interconnected. All types of wellness come down to being intentional. And of course, don’t tackle all four areas of wellness at once.

Comment below because we’d love to know what one area of wellness you’ll focus on this month. Let us know!

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