Have you ever been hurt through your time in ministry? Do you wonder how to weave faith into the day-to-day operations of your business? What role does obedience play when you’re processing hard times while growing your business?

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In this episode, I talk with virtual tax advisor Melissa Whaley about what leadership looks like when you’re processing ministry hurts plus how our faith grows as we lead our business.

Melissa’s Leadership Journey:

Melissa started her leadership journey while in high school and college when she served the youth at church. When the economy crashed in 2008, Melissa decided to attend H&R Block Tax School so she could earn money for her family while also helping people with her taxes. Because of her financial experience, she stepped in to help her church as its treasurer. Now, her tax business has become her ministry and she leads two team members.   

How Melissa knew she was a leader

She realized that having leadership positions was not the equivalent of knowing that God called her to be a leader. In the past, Melissa wanted a title or position to feel whole and complete. Now she feels the humility that comes with a leadership role.  

How Melissa defines leadership:

Melissa explains that you’re a leader if someone else is watching you, which means all of us are leaders in some capacity. She also believes that God can equip you to lead in a small or large capacity.

“If you have other people watching you and following your example, you’re a leader.”Click To Tweet

Melissa’s Mentors

Melissa has had a variety of mentors in her life including fellow tax-preparers with more experience and her youth pastor. These mentors encouraged her to try and to cultivate her talents.

Today, mentoring looks less like one-on-one meetings and more like a podcast or social media influencer. Melissa also meets with her pastor’s wife as a way for both women to encourage each other. She encourages those looking for a mentor to think through who is already in their life that they’re already going to for advice.

How faith and business connect:

Through the years, Melissa has recognized that much of what she learned while serving at her church translates to her work as a tax advisor and financial strategist for her own company. In both ministry and business ownership, it’s easy to burn out trying to do it all.

Melissa believes in servant leadership, and she lives this out as she serves her clients.

“My purpose is not to make as much money as possible, but to serve people well and to help them and to weave my faith into my business.”Click To Tweet

Simple ways to weave your faith into your business:

  1. Share principles of what Jesus taught. In Melissa’s case, she shares about the importance of paying taxes and being honest.
  2. Don’t be ashamed to share your faith and talk about how God is working in your life. Melissa will share with others God’s view on money.
  3. Encourage people to grow in their faith. Melissa does this by encouraging people to be good steward of their business and personal finances.

Processing ministry hurts

Anyone who has gone through a church split or left a church knows that it’s emotionally difficult to process. After going through a split at her church, Melissa shared these lessons:

  • Remember that it takes time to heal, trust, and start relationships again.
  • You may need a change of pace like a house church.
  • Obey what God asks you to do even if you don’t feel like doing it.
  • Evaluate whether visiting a spiritual director might be a fit for you.
  • Be kind to yourself as you adjust from having a leadership role to simply attending on a Sunday morning.

Melissa’s Everyday Life:

Melissa shares thoughts on how she lives out her leadership in her everyday life.

How Melissa Embraced her Wiring as a Leader:

Knowing how you’re wired means understanding your needs and then strategizing and operating accordingly. Melissa has learned about her personality through the:

How Melissa Manages her Roles

Melissa wants you to know that she doesn’t get it right most of the time, but here are several best practices she’s found:

  • Recognize the season you’re in, and be okay with change and flexibility, and giving yourself grace.
  • Communicate with your spouse about commitments and expectations.
  • Get help.

Melissa’s Advice for Young Leaders

Melissa encourages those growing in their leadership to keep an open mind about what leadership, positions, and life will be like. She reminds us that we never know where God will lead us and usually where God takes us is much better than where we thought we’d be.

Melissa’s book recommendations:

Connect with Melissa Whaley:

With a degree in Religious Studies and a head for numbers, Melissa started her tax advisory business five years ago. She’s now the CEO of her company with a steady mission to bring understanding and relief to those small business owners who don’t know how to deal with finances and taxes… yet have families to support. Melissa lives in Southern California, where she loves to get away to the beach with her husband and four children whenever possible.

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