You’re a leader who wants to see people work together toward common goals yet there’s something holding you back. That “something” may be fear. Maybe you’re afraid you’re not qualified to step into your next role. Maybe you’re worried there’s not enough time to get everything done. Maybe you’re overwhelmed by the physical clutter around you. This episode dives into how you can live beyond your fear, let go, and declutter.

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In this podcast episode, I talk with In-Courage Living Founder Sarah Humes who shares her personal struggles with fear and clutter, and how her faith has shaped her into the woman and leader she is today.  We talk through how to declutter and why it’s important.

Sarah’s Leadership Journey:

Sarah learned early on that she was a leader and was often picked by others to be the leader.  As a 13 year-old, she led backyard Bible clubs to tell other kids about Jesus. She has held the leadership roles of wife, mom, neighbor, business owner, teacher, MOPS leader, and VBS coordinator for her entire town!

“I want to see God’s best for people and I think that’s really the heart of leadership.” - Sarah HumesClick To Tweet

Sarah learned from her experience as the VBS coordinator that her job as the leader was not to do everything, but to delegate. You can use your position as a leader to help other people step into leadership.

'Your job as a leader is not to do everything, but to delegate.' - Sarah HumesClick To Tweet

How Sarah Defines Leadership and it’s Rewards:

Sarah believes there are three levels of leadership:

  1. The basic level is when other people are watching you and then being willing to embrace that.
  2. The first level plus a title and official responsibility to support those you are leading.
  3. The previous two levels, plus sacrificing your sinful wants/own agenda and enjoying that sacrifice while receiving the honor that comes with it.

The rewards of leadership that Sarah has enjoyed include seeing people turn to Christ and growing closer to God as you lead. Sarah shares a story about making a sacrifice in her new role as a teacher and how that has impacted her life.

“Leadership is essentially surrender, and that’s exciting.” - Sarah HumesClick To Tweet

How Sarah Embraced Her Wiring as a Leader:

By studying the Enneagram, Sarah’s learned that her type (Type 7 – The Enthusiast) is both driven by an entrepreneurial spirit while that same drive can cause her to chase shiny objects.  Maintaining focus is hard for her and she often exhausts herself with all her ideas.

Moving Beyond Fear and Decluttering:

As a child, Sarah struggled with poverty, which meant she’s dealt with a lot of irrational fear. She shares how at times she was so frozen with fear that she was unable to leave the house for weeks at a time. Fear had consumed her.

She brought out of her fear through:

  • Counseling
  • Learning to apply truth to what she felt
  • Years of work because healing and restoration are a process

As she worked through her fear, she started decluttering, which gave her space to think and overcome fears.

“I help people declutter and I help people overcome their fears, and I believe the two are intricately connected.” - Sarah HumesClick To Tweet

Decluttering Steps You Can Take Today:

  1. Get rid of 2,000 items in your home.
  2. Start with daily items such as kids toys, dishes, and clothing.

Benefits of Decluttering

Sarah has personally experienced these benefits and believe they’re available to you too:

  • You’ll feel more like yourself.
  • You’ll have the momentum to start projects you’ve put off.
  • Your space will be easier to clean up — less stuff equals less to clean!
  • You’ll have time to think and live out your core values.

Sarah’s Advice for New Leaders:

  1. Keep things simple.
  2. Delegate as much as possible.
  3. Encourage the people you’re leading.

Whether you’re leading your family, a team at work, or multiple business, you may have clutter that needs to be dealt with. Take the time to declutter your space so you can declutter your mind and heart.

Leaders are Learners:

Abby recommends checking out DuoLingo if you are looking to learn another language.

Connect with Sarah:

Sarah Rose Humes is an optimistic and goal-oriented author, speaker, and professional encourager from rural Pennsylvania. She has overcome anxiety, depression and agoraphobia and now inspires other women to live bravely through her business, called In-Courage Living.

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