You’ve set your goals. You’ve cast a dream and vision. You even know how your personality impacts the goals you set. But how do you actually go about implementing all you’ve planned? Oftentimes, we’re great at dreaming, but not so great at actually executing what we’ve set out to do. If you’re ready to get to work on your goals, this episode is for you.

key to accomplish goal, habits, setting habits, creating habits

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In this episode, Holly and I are walking through the final step of our goal-setting framework we’ve outlined in our Goal Setting Series. Here are the 4 steps:

  1. Reflecting
  2. Casting a vision + dreaming
  3. Setting goals
  4. Implementing the goals you set

Holly and I talk about what holds us back from accomplishing our goals, why habits are essential for leaders, and how to create habits. You’ll find the one key you need to implement the goals you’ve set.

“Know that your role is to put in the effort, but God is the one who brings the results.” - Esther LittlefieldClick To Tweet

What Holds Us Back from Accomplishing Our Goals

  • We don’t make a plan. We often forget to actually break down the big goal into actionable steps. Books like The 12-Week Year can help.
  • We fail to put systems in place. In essence, this means that we fail to put habits in place. Habits are the systems–the repeated actions–that will help us achieve the goals we have set.


Why Habits are Essential for Leaders

  1. Habits eliminate decisions. As a leader, you make thousands of decisions a day. Putting some tasks on autopilot frees you up to make big-picture decisions.
  2. Habits inspire others. People are watching you. They are seeing you showing up day after day, week after week. Having consistent habits and routines as a leader will inspire your team and give them encouragement that they can do the same.
“The greatest threat to success is not failure, it’s boredom.” - James Clear, Atomic HabitsClick To Tweet

Read my blog post about why habits matter in a leader’s life here.


How Habits are Created

Holly explains how habits are created based on the book The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg. Habits are a result of a cue, a routine, and a reward.

New habits can be created by doing the following:

  1. Notice your cue. For example, your cue may be that you’re bored and tired everyday at 3 p.m.  
  2. Develop a routine. Your old routine may have been a snack, but your new routine is to get up from your desk and take a walk.
  3. Establish a reward. You used to feel energized by your unhealthy snack, but now you feel energized after the walk.
  4. Believe the new habit will work. Belief is critical and so is having a support system. For example, if you have a co-worker that takes a walk with you every day, the habit will be easier to stick with.


Strategies to Implement New Habits

I share some keys to implementing habits from two books I read, Atomic Habits and Better than Before:

1. Remember that daily habits create your future.

2. One way to change your habit is to change how you view yourself (your identity).

'True behavior change is identity change.” - James Clear, Atomic HabitsClick To Tweet

3. Consider WHO you want to be rather than WHAT you want to accomplish.

4. Schedule time in for your habit.

5. Stack your habits by taking one habit you already have and adding another habit to it.

6. Get clear on exactly what habit you are working on and exactly how you are going to implement it. Clarity is essential to creating new habits.

“The clearer I am about what I value and about what action I expect from myself, not what other people value or expect from me, the more likely I am to stick to my habits” - Gretchen Rubin, 'Better Than Before'Click To Tweet

Read my blog post with 5 steps to creating new habits here.

Two crucial takeaways:

  1. In order to accomplish your goals, focus on creating the habits that you need to do so.
  2. Focus more on who you are becoming rather than what you are trying to accomplish.
“Your value doesn’t come from your habits - you are loved by God no matter what.” - Holly CainClick To Tweet

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key to accomplish goal, habits, setting habits, creating habits