What would it look like to keep God at the center of your leadership, life, and business? Can we still rest even among all the busyness of leading our team, organization, and family? And how can we remember our identity in Christ?

keeping god at the center of your business

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In this episode, I talk with SJ Meeson, owner and founder of The Automation Girl, a business that helps small business automate processes, and Christian Woman in Business, a community of women dedicated to aligning their businesses with God.  

We talk about how to keep God at the center of your goals, decision-making, and boundaries. Listen closely because SJ dispenses wisdom upon wisdom!

SJ’s Leadership Journey:

SJ never saw herself as a leader, but as someone who simply wanted to serve. Upon becoming a Christian, she studied the Bible to see how Jesus led others. For her, leadership has been a work in progress.

The journey God takes you on as a leader is as much about leading yourself as it is leading other people. - SJ MeesonClick To Tweet

She started as a digital project manager, helping others with digital marketing, but struggled with bringing business and faith together. She wondered if it was okay to make money so she started to study money in the Bible and asking God why she felt condemned making money.

SJ attended a conference during this season, and determined that she was at a crossroad. She could either embrace her faith fully in her business or not. She decided to align her faith and her business together.

As she studied Scripture, she found a kindred spirit online, Megan Horsfall,  someone else who was looking for a place that Christian women in business could connect. Together, they started the slow process of starting Christian Women in Business.

God provides the path when He puts something in our heart to do. - Esther LittlefieldClick To Tweet

Now SJ runs two businesses: The Automation Girl and Christian Women in Business.

How SJ runs two businesses simultaneously

Her initial business was The Automation Girl to which she added Christian Women in Business. To start her second business, she put the first on hold. The way SJ’s is able to handle both is to leave the timing up to God and to follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit. She’s learned to step back and let God work as well as to have good systems, processes, and teams in place.

She knows that when she tries to follow her own plan that’s when the two businesses feel like a burden.

How SJ has learned about how God made her:

She uses the Bible and the Holy Spirit. SJ sits down once a week with the intention to learn what God has to teach her.  SJ notes that the more time she spends time with God, the more the Holy Spirit shows her His kingdom and opens her eyes.

To develop your gifts and the skills God has given you, you need Jesus and the Holy Spirit. - SJ MeesonClick To Tweet

How to make the time to learn from God

  1. Stop and make the time.
  2. Ask yourself if your attitude is an earthly one or a kingdom one?
  3. Have boundaries.
  4. Notice and recognize where your heart is.

Remember that it’s possible to be busy and still rest in God.

Christ gives us rest, even in the midst of the madness. - SJ MeesonClick To Tweet

How to Set Boundaries

SJ spends time talking with God about what boundaries she needs to have in place.

What has God asked you to do? And are you doing more than that? - SJ MeesonClick To Tweet

If you don’t feel like God has asked you to do anything go with the flow and spend time with Him. When you feel burned out and your family is negatively affected, those are signs that you’ve gone over the threshold of what He has asked you to do.

Once you’ve got those boundaries and you’re confident and secure in those and you’re learning to say “no,” that’s when freedom really comes in.

Practical Boundaries SJ’s Set:

  1. Use email not Facebook Messenger.
  2. She’s not available on nights or weekends.
  3. She practices self-care through regular gym time and taking care of her body.

How to Discern What God has Given You to Do:

SJ believes that there’s way too much emphasis placed on purpose — that we should always move toward bigger and better. This overwhelms us and causes us to feel excluded, condemned, or unworthy.

She recommends:

  • Taking a step back.
  • Blocking out the noise of finding your purpose.
  • Grounding yourself in who you are — the daughter of the King.
  • Remembering the instructions God gives us are to love God and love others.
Your business is not your identity. What you do is not your identity. You’re a daughter of the King. - SJ MeesonClick To Tweet

It’s okay to take the pressure off yourself and come back to Jesus. God will sort it out. Just love God with all your heart.

SJ’s Gifts and Passions:

I ask SJ to share some of her gifts and passions. She shares that her gifts include communication, encouraging people, and hearing God’s voice.

SJ spends her free time enjoying adventures, such as hiking, traveling, and skydiving. SJ also less adventurous things such as reading.

Leaders Are Learners:

SJ’s been enjoying:

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Founder of Christian Women in Business & The Automation girl – SJ’s is on a mission to help women in business understand how faith and business can be connected together. SJ is originally from the UK, has been living in Australia for 10 years and is married with no kids or fur babies, but does have a mountain bike and climbing gear 😉

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keeping god at the center of your business