As a leader, you want to move the mission forward and do what God has put on your heart to do. So why is dreaming important and why do you need a vision? What would it look like for you as a leader and person to dream and cast a vision for the future?

dreaming, vision, casting vision

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In this episode of our Goal Setting series, Holly and I outline the importance of dreaming: why you need to dream and how to dream PLUS we talk about creating a vision for the future: what is a vision, why you need one, and how to cast it. If you’re ready to dream and cast a vision, don’t miss this episode.

In case you missed Episode 24, we’re working through the second step of our Goal Setting Framework:

  1. Reflecting
  2. Casting a vision + dreaming
  3. Setting goals
  4. Implementing the goals you set

The Importance of Dreaming:

Why should you dream?

  • Dreaming lifts your mind and heart out of the clouds of daily living and pulls you higher into what could be.  
  • It gives you a freedom to be something else.  To be free of the chains of sin that still bind you.
This is what the gospel is all about, freeing you from the sins that bind you so that you can live out a God-given dream. Click To Tweet

Practical steps to dream well

  • Brainstorm – allow yourself to think of the possibilities.
  • Consider what God has put into your heart. Pray for a God-given dream.
  • Is there something you keep coming back to over and over?
  • Don’t limit yourself by allowing daily mindsets be a part of your dreaming process.
  • Does God keep showing you a dream?  Do you keep brushing it aside?
  • Study dreamers in the bible.

Creating a Vision for the Future

What is a vision?

An idea or concept about where you want to go in the future. It’s different from a mission, which is why you exist and what you do. Mission is more present-day oriented (our purpose), but vision looks to the future.

Why do you need a vision?

  • Vision brings clarity
  • Vision shows people where you are going
  • Vision helps you to stay focused on the end result.
Creating a vision is important because it brings clarity and shows people where you are going.Click To Tweet

How to cast vision for the future:

Think through the areas where we might need to create a vision:

  • Personally and for your family
  • Team, ministry, organization, or business

Casting a vision personally or for your family

  • Where do you see yourself a year from now?
  • What does our ideal family situation look like a year from now?
  • What would my ideal schedule look like?
  • What accomplishments or goals have I achieved?
  • How does my family unit feel? What are some ways we have connected through the year?

Casting a vision for your team, business, or organization

  • Remember that people are following you first – the vision is secondary.
  • Get input from your team, especially high-capacity leaders.
  • If you are not self-aware, it’s going to be really difficult to know whether people are buying into you or not.
  • Share the vision often.
People buy into the leader first, then the leader’s vision. - John MaxwellClick To Tweet

Questions to ask with your team:

  • What is different about our team a year from now?
  • How have we grown?
  • What achievements have we made?
  • Where are we making the most impact?
  • How have we helped others?
  • Are we serving the same people or have we made changes?
  • How is our team different?  
  • Have we expanded or changed locations, etc?

Want all the vision casting questions in a free download?

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