Have you ever felt like you are juggling so many balls at once, and at any moment, they could all come tumbling down? Kayla Cornish found herself here, and she actually experienced the balls crashing down. She had been living the life of hustle and seeing success–but it came at a price. It wasn’t until she and her family began accepting the gift of Sabbath rest that things started to change.

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As a leader, you may have wondered: is practicing the Sabbath something that modern day Christians need to do? And if so, how on earth can you practice it while still managing all the rest of your responsibilities–especially if you are involved in church ministry on Sundays?

In this conversation, Holly and I talk with Kayla Cornish of Legacy Roots Co. Kayla believes there are 2 important aspects of our purpose as believers, and when we neglect the gift of Sabbath rest, we are missing out on some beautiful things God wants for us, such as healing, peace, love and a deeper relationship with Him.

Listen in to discover more about what it means to practice Sabbath rest and why it’s so important, especially for Christian leaders.

How to Practice Sabbath Rest as a Christian Leader:

  • Kayla’s life & leadership journey
  • Why Kayla became passionate about the importance of Sabbath
  • Why mission, vision, and values (or roots) are important for families
  • Why Sabbath rest is non-negotiable & what it looks like
  • The benefits of shifting away from a hustle mindset 
  • The church’s role in leading Christians to cultivate the practice of Sabbath
  • Tips for getting started with the practice of Sabbath
  • Why leaders need to model honoring the Sabbath and rest
  • What to do when your leader or your spouse isn’t on board with the idea of rest 
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