Five years ago, we had a mission: we wanted to create a resource for Christian women leaders who are looking to grow in their leadership and hear from other women just like them. We never imagined this podcast would last this long or reach as many women as it has.

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Holly and I are grateful to each and every listener, and in this episode, we are celebrating our five year milestone! In this conversation, we are sharing the top episodes from the past year, our favorite conversations, and we’re getting personal with some lessons God is teaching us through our lives right now.

Past Anniversary Episodes:

Top 5 Episodes from the past year:

These are the top 5 most downloaded episodes from the past year. If you haven’t taken a listen, be sure to check them out.

Esther’s Favorite Conversations from the Past Year:

Holly’s Favorite Conversations from the Past Year:

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Leaders are Learners: What have you been learning lately?

Podcasts Esther has been listening to:

  1. A Little Bit Culty
  2. Get Your Hopes Up – Christy Wright
  3. EntreLeadership
  4. Raw, Real, Redeemed

Books Esther has read recently:

Podcasts Holly has been listening to:

  1. Scamanda
  2. Counterclock
  3. Crime Junkie

Books Holly has read recently:

Life Updates, Lessons, and What’s Working Well Right Now:

Holly: Family and friends visiting; challenges with parenting; big changes for her son in recent weeks. God is teaching her patience through gardening.

Esther: Husband transitioned out of ministry; recent move to Tennessee; taking a full-time job at Ramsey Solutions. God is teaching her about letting go through her move.

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