Do you ever struggle to own your gifts and voice and feel like you have to hide them in the name of humility? Do you wish you could really put your expertise and knowledge forward in order to make the jump into that next big dream?

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In episode 216, our guest Jo Saxton shares her views on women in leadership, the unique gifts women bring to those roles, and the ways their gifts enhance any space. Jo goes on to teach the truths of our identity as women as the Bible teaches and encourages us to live in the light of the truth of that identity.

Jo’s message is one of empowerment and confidence. She speaks on how to know when and how to really put our voice out there, and how to own your expertise rather than hiding it in the name of humility. She also speaks into what female leaders are struggling with right now in her opinion, and offers wisdom and hope for how to combat it.

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Key Points Discussed:

  • About Jo’s background, life, and leadership journey
  • How Jo came to realize she was a leader
  • The point in which God shifted Jo’s mindset from leadership as something she did versus someone she was
  • Core lessons learned in Jo’s leadership journey
  • The importance of leaning into support from others and relying on people
  • Why women struggle to step up into leadership roles
  • Reasons why stories of the women in the Bible are not often preached on
  • The unique gifts women bring to leadership roles
  • What women need to believe about God and themselves in order to start using their voices and stepping up with more confidence
  • The core identity of women as the Bible portrays
  • How to discern our voice from God’s voice, and knowing how to be a conduit for God’s voice
  • How to stay humble, but also remain confident in what you know and your zone of expertise
  • The importance of not hiding our gifts in the name of humility
  • How to own your gifts in a space where you may not be welcomed
  • Jo’s work with her company, Ezer Collective
  • What female leaders are struggling with right now
  • What women may have missed and sacrificed in the name of loyalty
  • Jo’s opinion on what female leadership looks like in the future
  • How to build accountability into your leadership life
  • The importance of using power in healthy ways
  • Jo’s Leaders are Learners recommendations:
  • Jo’s final words of encouragement for female leaders
  • Jo invites all listeners to attend her next Ezer Collective Event

Key Quotes from the Episode:

“The way God made me was not an accident.” – Jo Saxton

“It’s time to stop apologizing for how you’re wired, and what you’ve been given, and how you’re called, and just to do it.” – Jo Saxton

“The lessons apply to us, regardless of gender.” – Jo Saxton

“There are different basic assumptions when you know that your identity and purpose are not rooted in your desire for power, and they’re not rooted in whatever’s happening in the cultural moment, but they’re actually rooted in your design, then it’s about whether we will unwrap those gifts.” – Jo Saxton

“Christian women are very good at hiding their gifts and calling it humility.” – Jo Saxton

“You’re not the end result, the kingdom of God is the end result” – Jo Saxton

Connect with Jo:

Jo Saxton is a speaker, podcaster, author, and leadership coach. She hosts a digital coaching community and is the founder of Ezer Collective – an initiative dedicated to investing in women leaders around the world, equipping them to own their voice and boldly step into their calling.

Born to Nigerian parents and raised in London, England, Jo now lives in Minneapolis with her husband and two daughters. She loves the every-day stuff like good music, good food, and good friends.

And Target. She really, really loves Target. 



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