Have you ever struggled with how to have integrity in a situation with a friend, family member, spouse, or coworker? Even as Christians, we can allow our pride to get the better of us, and it can be hard to approach every interaction with humility and integrity.

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In episode 212 of the podcast, you will hear from Liv Dooley. Liv is a Bible Teacher with a huge passion and heart for others to know Scripture. In this conversation you’ll hear all about Liv’s past and current leadership roles, her own battles with integrity, and how she has shown time and time again how beautiful and important it is to approach others with humility, even if it’s way after the fact.

You’ll hear about the ways the Church is speaking to integrity and the importance of serving in any capacity with a humble spirit. If you’re a leader of any kind, this podcast episode will surely speak to you as you continue to pursue the people in your circle and lead them with purity and integrity.

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Key Points Discussed:

  • Liv’s background and current leadership roles
  • Liv’s leadership journey and how she came to realize she was a leader
  • A leadership lesson that Liv has learned in her journey
  • The importance of serving with integrity
  • How to apologize when you’ve acted without integrity toward someone
  • How Liz became a Bible teacher, and how she feels qualified to describe herself as such
  • How to go after what we are passionate about, even if it is in unconventional ways
  • Ways that women can step into roles as Bible teachers regardless of where their churches fall on the theological spectrum of women as teachers
  • Teaching the girls and women that the Lord has placed in front of you
  • The importance of integrity in leadership
  • How to continue chasing ‘the 1’ instead of forsaking ‘the 1’ for ‘the 99’
  • Ways the Church is doing well, and not so well, and helping leaders live with integrity
  • Liv’s message to the woman that is ready to step out and wants to ensure that she’s leading well
  • How to follow God’s lead when it comes to our leadership roles
  • Tips on finding a mentor relationship
  • The ways that having a mentor keeps us spiritually healthy and live with integrity
  • How humility is a key trait to the integrity piece
  • Liv’s Leaders are Learners Recommendations:
    • 1 & 2 Samuel in The Bible

Key Quotes from the Episode:

“I would say that at whatever space I was leading in, it has always truly been developed, and even enhanced by the communities that I’ve been able to garner around it. And that has been really important.” – Liv Dooley

“I want to ensure that no matter where I’m leading, I’m representing Christ well.” – Liv Dooley

“I’ve found that we as leaders need to ensure that we are consistently inviting the Lord to speak over the areas of our integrity, and to expose those inconsistencies so that we can grow and develop them further.” – Liv Dooley

When we choose to endure through it instead of run from it, we experience growth.” – Liv Dooley

It is heartbreaking to see how many people have pursued influence at the expense of integrity.” – Liv Dooley

“The Lord’s pace is the best pace.” – Liv Dooley

Connect with Liv

There is nothing Liv Dooley loves to talk about more than the Word of God. She is a Bible teacher, author, and podcast host of The Best Kept Secret with Liv Dooley, which has featured some of the leading teachers and best-selling authors of our day. Liv is passionate about helping people enjoy greater intimacy and confidence in Christ Jesus in prayer, and you can now find her writing on the YouVersion Bible app.

Liv writes and speaks to help others enjoy greater intimacy and authority in Christ Jesus. When she’s not writing or podcasting, you can find Liv hiking a mountain, taking a road trip with her husband, or curled up in the corner with a good book. You can connect with her blog at livdooley.com or follow her on Instagram @candidliv to connect with her.



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