Do you ever struggle with how to share the truth of  Scripture with people in a way that marries both truth and grace? Maybe you don’t feel confident enough in your own theology to answer hard questions from others regarding your faith.  Learning to effectively communicate with others in a way that draws people to Jesus instead of pushing them away from Jesus is such an essential part of evangelizing in a Post-Christian culture.

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In this episode, you’ll hear Holly and I chat with Bible teacher and business owner, Phylicia Masonheimer. You’ll hear about the importance of sharing truth with others and what the key is to doing so in American culture, how to get to the root of what someone thinks or believes before you answer, and what should be offensive ( and what should not be) when we are sharing the gospel.

In addition, we dive into why Christians struggle to discuss theological differences, how to discern some of the “debatable” issues in our own lives, and what we as leaders need to consider in regards to what we teach and share.

As promised, here’s a picture of Phylicia and I when we met this past summer at the She Speaks conference in North Carolina!

esther and phylicia

Key Points Discussed:

  • All about Phylicia and her current leadership roles within her business, Every Woman a Theologian
  • Phylicia’s leadership journey and how she realized she was a leader
  • The lessons Phylicia has learned on leadership as she has evolved as a leader in both business and ministry
  • Growing through the Holy Spirit rather than growing through numbers in ministry
  • Factors of why women might be intimidated to learn and study theology and apologetics
  • How to communicate the truth of God in a gentle way
  • Why it’s important for us to share the truth in a way that’s grace-filled and gentle
  • Tips on how to practically marry truth with grace in your day-to-day life with others
  • Asking questions to get to the root of what someone is thinking before we share what we’re thinking
  • How to engage with people who have a very Post-Christian mindset with grace and humility
  • Understanding how both our time in history and culture change the best ways to evangelize
  • Why Christians are struggling to discuss our differences and our different theological viewpoints within the faith in a way that’s calm, gentle, and kind
  • How where we physically live makes a difference in our faith
  • How to consider and handle things in our culture that have a new-age background
  • Advice for women who feel like their church isn’t providing deep enough study into the Word of God for them to handle deep or hard theological discussions and conversations
  • Phylicia’s Leaders are Learners recommendations: 
    • No Little People/The Lord’s Work in the Lord’s Way – Frances Schaeffer
    • In the Name of Jesus- Henri Nouwen
    • The Messiah comes to Middle Earth – Phillip Ryken

Key Quotes from the Episode:

“I look back on the journey, and it’s not that I didn’t desire to lead. It’s that I just took the next faithful step that was in front of me, however small it was. And I think that that prepared me to lead in the ways and leading today.” – Phylicia Masonheimer

“You can have 1000s of people who are listening to you and not be saying a single thing that’s worth hearing.” – Phylicia Masonheimer

“Theology is insanely practical. And we haven’t taught this. A lot of times people get into theology, and they just get really nerdy. And then they get more and more removed from society, instead of more and more engaged in society, which is what should be happening.” – Phylicia Masonheimer

“The Holy Spirit has had to teach me that the most effective evangelism is one that is the marriage of truth and grace together.”  – Phylicia Masonheimer

“People’s reaction to you is not a gauge. Your obedience to God is the gauge.”  – Phylicia Masonheimer

“The truth offends in and of itself. The difference is that you are not the offensive one. The truth is what’s offensive.”  – Phylicia Masonheimer

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