What does it take to build a team that can help you run a ministry or business? How can you host an event that is effective AND aligns with the vision of your church, ministry, or business?

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In this episode, you’ll hear us chat with our friend, Angie Likens, founder of Proclaim Truth. Angie shares about her leadership journey, how she started Proclaim Truth, and how she makes decisions in her business. She also shares how she responds to all of the suggestions and big ideas that other people have for and about her event and business.  She also dives into how to remove pride as a leader in order to step fully into the calling that God has placed on your life to share the specific message He has given you.

Key Points Discussed:

  • All about Angie and her current leadership roles
  • Angie’s role with her organization, Proclaim Truth
  • Angie’s leadership journey from childhood to now
  • How Angie came to realize she was a leader
  • Proclaim Truth’s purpose and how it serves women leaders in the Church
  • The story behind how Angie started Proclaim Truth and the ‘why’ behind the organization
  • How Angie’s values have helped inform her decision making as she has grown in both business and ministry
  • The importance of walking with trusted people in business and ministry
  • Trusting the vision for her business that God gave her from the onset of her ministry
  • Why Angie chose to really build a team within Proclaim Truth and how she implements her team
  • How Angie has allowed the Lord to craft her team instead of making it all happen on her own terms
  • Tips and recommendations for hosting an effective women’s event
  • How to make sure your event is in line with your overarching goal
  • How Angie handles people with large opinions about what her Proclaim Truth event should look like
  • Trusting God for guidance on what you should be teaching vs. what others are suggesting you teach
  • Removing pride in order to lead well
  • What the phrase ‘make disciples’ means to Angie
  • What hinders people from not seeking out discipleship and/or discipling others
  • Angie’s Leaders as Learners recommendations:

Quotes to Note:

“We have these dreams that are planted in our heart and we hang on to them and ruminate on them before we get the courage enough to actually speak it out.”- Holly Cain

“​​I am learning every day that this is how God’s created me, and this is how God’s created someone else. And I’m so glad that we are all gifted in different ways.” – Angie Likens

“I believe that a faithful disciple is someone who is always learning and always growing.”- Angie Likens

“The Lord ultimately brings in people and has filled roles in places that I didn’t even really know I needed.”- Angie Likens

“An effective event is one that fits into your overall goal or curriculum. I don’t think that an event in itself can be the goal.” – Angie Likens

“You’re constantly trying to take down boundaries and know that you’re not going to please everyone [in an event]… you know who you’re trying to reach and you know what they need. And you see this as an entrance to continue the relationship.”- Angie Likens

“When we forget ultimately that our identity is in Christ, from God, through Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit, it will result in lots of things like pride, or self-esteem issues, or depression or laziness..that would keep us from making disciples or even growing as a disciple.” – Angie Likens

“Discipleship gives us the tools to fight when we actually realized that we are in a battle.” – Holly Cain

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