What if there was one thing you could do that would help you increase focus and decrease avoidable stress as a leader? And what if this process could impact not just your organization, ministry, or business but also your personal life?


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In this episode, you’ll hear from my guest Sonita Reese about the importance of creating a mission, vision, and values and how doing this can actually decrease stress in your life and leadership.

This episode originally aired on my Christian Woman Business Podcast, but we are sharing it here on the leadership podcast because all of the principles and tips Sonita shares are valuable and useful in any leadership role.

Sonita specializes in working with leaders, so it fits to share this conversation with you, and I know you will get so much out of what she shares.

In this conversation, you’ll hear why mission, vision, and values are important for your organization and your personal life. In addition, you’ll discover how to create a winning vision, and how faith plays a role in this process. You’ll also understand how it’s possible to turn mission, vision, and values into behavior instead of simply words that hang on a wall.

Key Points Discussed with Sonita:

  • Sonita’s past work and how it led to her current work
  • What exactly Mission, Vision, and Values are
  • The importance of having mission, vision, and values even if you are just a solopreneur
  • Sonita’s passion for getting clear on vision and having a winning vision
  • Sonita’s thoughts on the things we need to do to get clear on the winning vision
  • Sonita’s ABC approach to creating a winning vision
    • A: Act like a child
    • B: Build a 3D vision
    • C: Communicate in detail
  • The challenge to find a time and place to get quiet
  • The difference in your personal mission, vision, and values and your business mission, vision, and values.
  • How faith plays a role in the process of finding your winning vision
  • The Bible verses that have inspired Sonita in her business: John 10:10 and Matthew 11:28-30.
  • How to both externally share our mission, vision, and values and use them internally
  • How to turn mission, vision and values into behavior
  • Thoughts on ‘relating before transacting’ in business

Quotes to Note:

  • “Mission is what you wake up to focus on every day. Vision is where you’re going, and leading people. And values are: who do you want to be on the journey?”
  • “Because they (Mission Vision, and Values) bring us greater clarity, much more energy and a higher return on our investment for both monetary decisions, but especially people decisions.” – Sonita Reese
  • “The first place we start is by making time for this. Getting quiet, and giving yourself the space to dream.” – Sonita Reese
  • “Involve him (God) in the process when you take that quiet and adopt that ABC approach. Ask him to be part of it.” – Sonita Reese
  • “That desire to live and help others live (from John 10:10) has really factored into my business vision and the work that I do.”- Sonita Reese
  • “Clarity is a lightning rod for focus and momentum. And when we allow ourselves the space to put that lightning rod out there, it’s going to make everything else that we do that much more focused.” – Sonita Reese
  • “Taking that time to be quiet is probably one of the hardest things to do as a business owner. Especially if you’re driven. If you’re success oriented, you just want to go, go, go. But it’s those quiet moments where we can really find that clarity. ” – Esther Littlefield

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Sonita Reese is the Chief Encouragement Officer at First By Five, LLC where she serves people-focused entrepreneurs navigating the leadership and organizational challenges of growth. Sonita helps these entrepreneurs rise above daily demands to lead with vision and build organizations that grow people and profit.

Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Sonita spent 17 years in consulting, management, and marketing roles working with start-ups, Fortune 500 companies, and nonprofits. She decided to jump off the corporate bullet train after battling burnout twice and failing to be the wife and mom she wanted to be. Sonita is passionate about seeing leaders and their people experience whole-person success and reducing avoidable stress in the workplace.

Born in Malaysia, Sonita grew up between the Philippines, Indonesia, and Virginia. She now lives outside of Washington DC with her husband and two boys. When not traveling to soccer games, you can find Sonita curled up with a good book and a cup of rich coffee.

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