Have you ever felt like your voice is not heard at the leadership table, specifically in ministry settings? Do you ever question whether you are in a healthy situation or whether perhaps there are some issues that need to be addressed?

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If you’ve ever felt that way, or if you simply want to hear a powerful conversation about listening to God’s voice, radical obedience, and speaking up for yourself as a female leader, you are in for a treat.

In this episode, Holly and I are talking with Rachael Groll. You’ll hear all about Rachael’s leadership journey and the moment she felt God asking her to give up her full-time business without any clear plan for what would come after.

In addition, we dive into the challenge that many women can relate to in leadership: insecurity and feeling as though their voice is not heard. Rachael shares how she has personally experienced this and how she’s heard from women all over the world who have also dealt with this. 

Rachael dives into how she chose to respond to this issue and what God has taught her since. Plus, we discuss how to identify if you’re in a healthy leadership situation (or not), as well as how to hear God’s voice (it’s not as mysterious as you might think).

Key Points Discussed:

  • Rachael shares her current work & multi-passionate projects
  • Rachael shares her leadership journey
  • Rachael shares her career shifts from owning a daycare to become the children’s pastor at her church
  • Rachael shares her experience working with Children of the Nations
  • Rachael shares her heart behind writing her book for women in ministry who feel that their voices aren’t always heard at the tables they were sitting at in ministry.
  • Rachael shares what she feels needs to change internally for women as well as externally in the church structures and systems that we’re a part of.
  • Rachael shares how women can begin to show up in confidence in hard conversations they need to have.
  • Rachael shares any signs or signals that she has found in leadership structures that are signs of an unhealthy or toxic leadership situation
  • Rachael shares the importance of a healthy support system to process hard things with and bounce conversations off of
  • Rachael shares why she thinks we struggle with hearing God’s voice and why we let people talk us out of it.
  • Rachael shares how she defines leadership
  • Rachel shares 2 things that have helped her to embrace your gifts and lead with confidence: Her Bible Study, She Hears & God’s Word.
  • Rachael shares how rest is a healthy habit she maintains as a Christian
  • Leaders are Learners: 

Key Quotes from the Episode:

“God was calling us to obedience before he showed us the plan.” – Rachael Groll [9:30]

“Now when I get asked those questions from women, I can point them right back to the Scripture and say, ‘Well, let’s look at what God has to say about this.’”  – Rachael Groll [21:30]

“It’s so powerful, the way God does these things in our lives, where whenever there’s something that I’m dealing with, I’ve got to work through it first before I share it with other people publicly.” – Esther Littlefield [21:35]

“We have to see ourselves the way God sees us. And we have to be confident in the calling that God has for us and the roles and the things he’s called us to.” – Rachael Groll [23:00]

“​​We have to start speaking up for ourselves. And that’s going to look different in different organizations… say the hard things.”  – Rachael Groll [25:55]

“It really has to come from a place of knowing our identity in Christ, first and foremost. And if we’re not secure in that space, we’re not going to be secure in those conversations. So it really has to be a foundational shift in our heart, where we’re 100% confident in who God has called us to be within our leadership roles. ” –  Rachael Groll [27:15]

“The primary way that God speaks to us is through His Word. And if we’re not in His Word, we’re not going to know His voice.” -Rachael Groll [38:45]

“Submission to God is the key for leadership.”  -Rachael Groll [45:05]

“I used to see rest as a weakness. And now I see it as a weapon.” – Rachael Groll [46:15]

“Do it scared… I think a lot of times we as women hesitate because we don’t want to take those steps, or we don’t want to have that conversation, or we don’t want to do the thing, because we’re scared. But faith is the very definition of doing it scared.”  – Rachael Groll [47:30]


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Rachael Groll is a pastor, missionary, and author. Her latest book, She Hears: Learning to Listen to Jesus helps women learn how to hear from Jesus by taking a look at 6 women from the gospel of John.

Rachael has a top 30 ranked podcast for Christians, the Hearing Jesus Podcast, where she helps women learn how to hear the Lord more clearly in their lives.


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Confident Conversations is a mini-course designed to help you initiate and lead hard conversations as a Christian woman even if you struggle with confrontation, aren’t sure what to say, and want to avoid hurting people in the process.

As discussed in our conversation with Rachael, hard conversations are often a part of leadership. So this course can help you develop this skill and feel more prepared when you have to have these conversations.

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