Are you a long time fan of The Christian Woman Leadership Podcast? Have you been listening for a while, or have you just discovered us? Do you listen to every episode, or do you pop in and out of listening? No matter where you fall on the scale of CWLP fan, we are so grateful you’re here and are excited to celebrate and recap the last year of conversations we have had together and with our guests as we celebrate 4 years of the show.

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In this episode, we are celebrating 4 years of the podcast! Another HUGE win we are celebrating is hitting 500,000 downloads recently!! THANK YOU for allowing us to journey with you as we learn how to lead in the many settings we find ourselves in. We are so grateful that we are still creating conversations together and that our listeners are still engaging with us.

*On a fun note, Holly is launching her own podcast! Go check out The Prosper Collective: Where she discusses intentional money talk for small businesses.

Top 5 Episodes from the past year:

These are the top 5 most downloaded episodes from the past year. If you haven’t taken a listen, be sure to check them out.

Number 5: 185: Surrender, Calling, and Collaborating with Other Women with Alissa Circle 

Number 4: 173: Two Challenges that Can Destroy Our Leadership and How We Can Respond to Them with Shannon Popkin

Number 3: 174: Should You Stay or Walk Away?

Number 2: 188: How to Lead Meetings that People Won’t Hate

Number 1: 194: Why We Need Honest Conversations, Critical Thinking, and Humble Theology with Joel Muddamalle, PhD

Esther’s Favorite Conversations from the Past Year:

Holly’s Favorite Conversations from the Past Year:

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Questions Submitted from Listeners:

How long does it take to get traction (with a podcast)?

It is so important to know your ‘why’, and know what your goal is with the podcast.

The other factor that it depends upon is how much you’re willing to do before you launch the podcast, during the podcast launch, and then continuing to be consistent afterward.

If you have the goal of growing an email list or getting more clients or students if you have a business, I would suggest giving it 6 months to 1 year to really get accurate data and to decide, if it’s worth continuing. If you stop before 3 months, you’re not giving yourself a fair shot. And even after 3 to 6 months, you may still just be getting out there into the podcast world, and getting people to start listening. So really after 6 months, you could ask yourself if you’re getting the results that you wanted from the show and decide if it’s worth continuing.

After our first year was when we really gained some good momentum.

What are the best ways to promote your podcast?

The #1 way is to be a guest on other people’s podcasts. Additionally, if you’re starting a podcast, invite other people with podcasts onto your podcast as a reciprocal relationship.

Other ways to promote:

  • Be consistent on social media and share your episodes there.
  • Grow and engage with your email list
  • SEO – Organic traffic
  • Paid Ads

Podcasts We’ve Been Listening to Lately:


  1. The Money Guy Show
  2. Office Ladies
  3. The Newsworthy


  1. Seedtime Money with Bob and Linda Lotich
  2. Don’t Wing It with Wren Robbins
  3. Christian Business Camp with Avery Forrest
  4. *The Pourover- Christian News Email 


Life Updates and What God is Teaching Us:

Esther: Celebrated 20 years of marriage & took a spontaneous trip to Mexico! Learning to trust God, sit at His feet, and rest.

Holly: Moved to Alabama! Learning to trust God to provide a new church home again.

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Past Anniversary Episodes:

1 year Anniversary: Episode 57: One Year Anniversary – Top 5 Episodes & Our Favorite Conversations 

2 year Anniversary: Episode 109: Lessons Learned from 2 Years Podcasting & Answering Your Questions

3 year Anniversary: Episode 162: All Things Podcasting with Holly and Esther [3 Year Podcast Celebration]

Quotes to Note:

  • “If we just listen and ask questions instead of feeling like we have to be the ones who know everything, and we come out making statements about every single thing that happens in the world, that often is going to end us up in a much worse place than if we just allowed ourselves or allowed God to keep us humble, and keep us in a place of listening to him.” – Esther Littlefield [13:00]
  • “It’s about recognizing that there’s just no way that we can know everything because we have an infinite God. Our brains are finite. There’s no way for us to be able to possibly understand the fullness of God and His creation and everything that there is in this world.” – Esther Littlefield [15:00]
  • “The size of your audience is not necessarily directly related to the importance of your message”- Holly Cain [16:00]
  • “Leadership is not about doing everything. It’s about how you can manage your priorities well and give your best to the highest priority, whatever that is.”- Holly Cain [18:30]

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