Is money connected to fulfilling your God-given purpose? How do you pursue your purpose without making money an idol? And is there such a thing as a non-woo version of manifestation that is okay for Christians to use?

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In this episode, you’ll hear an engaging conversation between Holly and our guest, Portia Jackson. Portia is a Certified Financial Planner and owns her own business called Wealthy and Fulfilled.

Portia shares her journey to the finance world from being a literal rocket scientist. She talks about the struggles of mothering a child with special needs and she also shares how her leadership journey opened up when she finally found her gifting and pressed into God’s will for her life.

Portia and Holly hit some pretty hard topics head-on in the episode. They talk about everything from race and African American female role models, to how the Enneagram can help us identify how we relate to money, and lastly they discuss the concept of Christ-centered manifestation.

I hope this episode challenges you but also encourages you to think objectively about how you relate to money and how your mindset has served you or hurt you.

Key Points Discussed:

  • About Portia and her family life
  • Portia’s leadership journey
  • Portia’s career journey from an aerospace engineer to a financial wellness coach
  • Portia’s role models as an African American female entrepreneur
  • Portia shares about the stigmas surrounding wealth in the African American community
  • Where Portia falls on the spectrum of being poor glorifying God vs. the prosperity gospel
  • Portia’s connection between the Enneagram and money
  • Portia explains her opinion on Christ-centered manifestation and how it is different from the world’s view of manifestation.
  • Portia’s Leaders as Learners recs:

Key Quotes from the Episode:

“Leadership also includes self-leadership.”

“I have finally gotten to the point where I have released the mom guilt, the societal guilt, the Proverbs 31 Woman guilt of ‘Oh, I can do all the things all the time’.”

“Once we start reframing the thought that money is not evil. It’s not bad. It’s just like fire. It’s a tool that can be used to build, and it’s a tool that can be used to tear something down. It’s just going to really show more of who you are as a person regardless of what your background is.” [19:45]

“Let God lead you to show you: Are these desires from him? Or are these just desires because it looks good for social media? Is this really fueled by your pride? Or is this really fueled by a true need that you have?”

“God’s going to provide what you need to fulfill your purpose.” [28:45]

“Everybody has a money story. And how we’re going to get through that is going to be a little bit different for each one.” [38:00]

Connect with Portia Jackson:

Portia R. Jackson, CFP® is obsessed with all things related to personal finance, designing your fulfilled life and the Enneagram! After leaving her corporate job as a rocket scientist, she completed a certification in Personal Financial Planning, got her CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional designation, and helped hundreds of Fortune 500 employees as a Financial Wellness Coach at PricewaterhouseCoopers. She transformed her love of personal finance, organization and personal development into a step-by-step system to help online business owners take the money their business makes and use it to be, do, and have whatever they want in life.

Episode Sponsor:

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