Have you ever wondered if your story matters? Do you feel like you know you have something to say, but you don’t feel comfortable showing up and speaking publicly? Maybe you don’t feel like you are a dynamic speaker and therefore you hold back in meetings or in public settings.

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In today’s conversation, you’ll hear from our guest Roshanda Pratt about why it’s so important to show up, to tell your story, and to use your voice as a Christian woman leader. You’ll hear about Roshanda’s leadership journey, how she became a pastor’s wife (even though she never wanted that), and why she is passionate about helping women use their voices.

Roshanda’s insights into showing up and telling your story are not just practical; they are also spiritual. You’ll discover how your relationship with God is vital to being able to show up. In addition, Roshanda gives us some easy to follow tips to help us grow in our ability to speak in public (whether in person or online).

Key Points Discussed:

  • Roshanda’s leadership journey [2:45]
  • How Roshanda became a pastor’s wife (something she didn’t expect) [9:25]
  • What it was like to be a woman of faith in the TV media [14:50]
  • Why Roshanda is passionate about women sharing their stories [20:48]
  • Why women hold back from telling their stories [27:00]
  • How people who are naturally quiet or shy can show up and become engaging [29:55]
  • How can we develop our speaking abilities [37:35]
  • Becoming comfortable with the audience size God has given us [41:35]
  • Leadership Rapid Fire Questions [46:48]
  • Leaders are learners [49:24]

Key Quotes:

  • “When you’re you, God can meet you right where you are.” – Roshanda Pratt
  • “The human connection is women in stories.” – Roshanda Pratt
  • “Your personality is your engaging piece.” – Holly Cain
  • “There is no way you can be authentic if you have not had an authentic experience with God.” – Roshanda Pratt
  • “Not everyone is called to become seen, heard, and paid.” – Roshanda Pratt
  • “We have people who are literally bleeding on other people, because they have not gotten their significance from the One who created them.” – Roshanda Pratt
  • “As leaders, and ministry leaders, you constantly have to be walking this journey of forgiving people.” – Roshanda Pratt

Connect with Roshanda

Roshanda Pratt is the creator of The Rosho Live, a platform that helps entrepreneurs and organizations boost their marketing ROI through brand storytelling and live video. A digital media pioneer with 20 years of experience producing TV news, Roshanda is a visibility expert in coaching clients to find their voice, engage their audience, and grow their business. She is also an international speaker and the author of the Amazon bestselling book CEO of LIVE VIDEO: Discover the Fundamentals of Dominating Live Video and her most recent book Visibility Is Power: Discover the power of being seen & heard.


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