Have you ever sensed God calling you to something that you didn’t want? Maybe He has spoken to you about something and you think, “nope, that’s not for me God.”

Alissa Circle | Surrender, Calling, and Collaboration

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Today I’m chatting with Alissa Circle about her journey of stepping into a new season and a new calling–one that she didn’t feel ready for at first.  You’re going to love what Alissa shares about learning to surrender her business to God, how we should approach working alongside other Christian women (even if they are doing something similar to us), and even how Alissa views parenting teens–it’s a perspective you don’t hear often.

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Key Points Discussed — Calling, Surrendering Your Business to God, and Collaborating with Other Women:

  • Alissa’s leadership journey
  • Building a strong company culture
  • When God began to shift Alissa’s heart
  • Collaborating with other women
  • Being willing to serve in the small things
  • Leaders are learners

Key Quotes:

“In order to create a really strong company culture, your team needs to be a stakeholder in your business.”

“Over the years, I had taken what He had given me and I had run with it… I had lost track of keeping Him involved in the conversation–of repeatedly giving Him back my business.”

“He’s going to make you a better leader than you’re going to make yourself, He is going to grow your business better than you are going to grow your business, because God can see the shifting landscape in ways that you can’t see.”

“We’ve got to get to the root of the issue and deal with whatever it is that God wants to work in us to prepare us for the calling.”

“There’s a reason why God puts the same purpose on many of our hearts– because it’s something that he knows his people need, and he needs as many people to get it done as possible.”

“If you’re not willing to step into the little things, then why would He trust us with the bigger things?”

“If we’re going to live into our calling, we need to understand that our calling involves serving other people.”

Connect with Alissa

Alissa founded her creative life and style blog, Lil’ Bit City, ‘Lil Bit Country, in 2007, providing a glimpse into her life balancing family, business, blogging and faith. By 2010, she began partnering with brands to create content on her blog for her audience. Alissa immediately noticed the “language barrier” between marketers and influencers, and inspiration struck. She launched Pollinate Media group in 2012 to serve as a translator between influencers like herself and brands/marketers. Pollinate Media Group became a leader in the influencer marketing space, known for being a top matchmaker between industry leading brands and top digital influencers and publishers. While helping companies like Cost Plus World Market, Land of Nod, and hundreds of other brands create brand ambassador programs, Alissa’s greatest passion was coaching thousands of women,  helping them build their own small business, grow their blogs and expand their social influence. Over the years she has spoke at many well-known blogging conferences such as Altitude Summit, SNAP! Conference and Mom 2.0 Summit.


In 2019, God began to shift her heart, instilling a desire to help Christian women grow closer to Jesus. Through her blog and social media, she began shifting her content to serve women for kingdom impact. Over the years she has helped a lot of businesses make their voice heard, now she’s using the voice God gave her to help women find faith and freedom. 


As serial entrepreneurs, Alissa and her husband run a real estate portfolio that includes a luxury short term real estate portfolio. For the past five years they have served and chaired the board of a nonprofit organization called Standing Stone ministries, that shepherds and walks beside pastors and ministry leaders. Alissa and her husband split time between Orange County, CA and Franklin, TN, with their two teenage children and their adorable dog. 


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