Have you ever thought about starting a business? Or have you ever had a dream in your heart that you wanted to follow but weren’t sure how to get started? Maybe you’ve already taken action and seen some success, but you haven’t figured out how to make the jump from your full time job to your dream.

Polly Payne smiling with dream planner

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Today we are talking to Polly Payne about how she left a successful career in advertising to pursue her dream and start a planner company. It didn’t happen overnight, and Polly shares some practical wisdom about how to know when to take the leap, one of her biggest blunders when starting her company, and some leadership insights she has learned along the way.

Polly talks about paying attention to pivot points in your life, as well as being willing to follow the leading of God. We also dive into what it looks like to dream after a season of discouragement.

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Dream Planner from Horacio Printing

Key Points Discussed:

  • Polly’s life and current leadership role [3:50]
  • Leadership journey [5:30]
  • Creating her company [9:10]
  • When she know it was time to quit her job [15:05]
  • Challenges and barriers she faced [20:10]
  • Rewards [23:55]
  • How her leadership skills have grown [29:30]
  • Her decision to partner with A21 [32:10]
  • How we can dream big after a year of disappointment [38:45]
  • How to use vision boards in a Godly way [45:30]
  • Leaders are Learners pick [51:00]

Key Quotes from the Episode:

“I started my business because I needed to create something, but I was very aware that I wasn’t going to go anywhere by myself.”

“It’s so critical to know yourself, know your gaps, and be ready to invest in other people.”

“If you’re stressed, it’s really hard to be creative.”

“You need to become who you’re called to become to sustain the dream that you have.”

“God’s going to use my little mistake and do something cool with it.”

“When you bring your 100%, God brings his 100% and that’s the equation.”

“You have to be willing to give grace, and extend grace, and be grace filled.”

“Dreaming requires some stillness. And that takes intentionality.”

“The biggest dream you can have is becoming the person God has called you to become.”

“A healthy you will run a healthy business; a healthy you will pursue that healthy dream.”

“All of my vision is submitted to the will of God.”

Dream Planner inside view - Horacio Printing

Connect with Polly:

Polly is the founder and CEO of Horacio Printing. Her love language includes luxurious paper and lots of white space. Originally from Fairhope, Alabama, Polly migrated to the big apple and became the Senior Sales director of an award winning Ad:Tech company. She left her career in advertising to redesign her life and pursue her God given purpose. She founded Horacio Printing which has now sold more than 40,000 Dream Planners around the world and raised more than $64,000 to fight human trafficking.

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