Have you ever felt like no one else could possibly relate to your situation or circumstance? Have you ever been afraid to share some of your deepest pain or struggles as a leader for fear of what others might think or worse, losing your leadership role?

Leading with Vulnerability and Finding Belonging in a Culture of Loneliness with Bonnie Gray

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Many leaders feel alone, struggle with being vulnerable, and find it hard to make time for soul care even when they know how important it is for their well being. In this episode, Holly and I chat with Bonnie Gray as she shares why it’s vital to share the truth about your story, how panic attacks impacted her leadership, dealing with rejection, finding rest in chaos, and how she found belonging in a culture of loneliness.


Key Points Discussed:

  • Bonnie’s leadership journey
  • Leadership lessons
  • How panic attacks impacted her leadership
  • Finding healing from past hurts
  • Bonnie’s multiple career and life pivots
  • Writing ‘Sweet Like Jasmine’
  • Encouragement for women who are lonely or in the minority
  • How writing helped Bonnie heal & the importance of vulnerability
  • Combating loneliness and division
  • Finding rest and soul care

Key Quotes:

“God was showing me a new way of leadership, which is vulnerability, authenticity and honesty.”

“It’s who I am that makes my life a ministry to God.”

“Your faith is not an eraser.”

“We [leaders] need soul care, we need safety–maybe even more than others because we’re pouring out all the time.”

“Sometimes we pray for clarity, but God wants us to step out in faith.”

“Just because somebody says it’s true doesn’t mean it’s true.”

 “God doesn’t need us to protect his name by hiding the truth.”

“Loneliness is just a human condition–doesn’t matter what color you are, we’re all lonely.”

Connect with Bonnie Gray:

Sweet Like Jasmine

Bonnie Gray has been a leader in ministry & business since college (UCLA) and has been a published author since 2014. She has written about her unique Chinese American journey from loneliness to belonging. She invites women to drop striving and people-pleasing so they can discover their deep value and beloved-ness. Bonnie helps women find God in the grind of daily life.

After graduating UCLA with a computer science and engineering degree, Bonnie worked as a high-tech professional in Silicon Valley for 15 years – as well as a missionary to Asia and a ministry entrepreneur in the U.S.  Today she is a Christian author, writer and speaker – calling women into connection, rest and wholeness. Her new book, Sweet Like Jasmine, recounts stories of her childhood in Chinatown (San Francisco), her ministry, her family secrets, and her journey to belonging.


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