Do you feel like you need to work harder in your leadership roles? Are you constantly striving to reach a certain outcome? Or do you get overwhelmed with the responsibility of leadership and become passive in your approach?

Why You Don’t Have to Strive or Step Back in Your Leadership with Erica Wiggenhorn

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In this episode, I am chatting with Erica Wiggenhorn about her leadership journey and how God formed her message through struggles in her relationship with him. She shares how she defines leadership and what two categories of leadership we often find ourselves in. Erica challenges our perspective on our leadership calling and inspires us to keep God at the forefront of everything that we do.

Erica shares with us about the power of surrender in our walk with God and in our leadership calling.  She asks some powerful questions for each of us to consider as we take up our calling to lead others. Plus Erica gives us a practical tip on how to have life giving mentor relationships.


Key Points Discussed:

  • Erica’s leadership journey
  • Lessons learned through leadership
  • How mentors have impacted her leadership
  • How her message developed in her life
  • How does Erica define leadership
  • 2 categories of leaders: striving vs passive
  • Keeping God on the throne in our leadership
  • Why surrender is important
  • Habit/routine for leadership
  • Advice to a younger leader
  • Leaders are learners


Key Quotes from the Episode:

“The Lord’s timing is so perfect. And there is a season for everything.”

“God never wastes a season.”

Vulnerability is key. If you’re going to have a successful mentor relationship, you have to be teachable, and you have to be vulnerable.”

“Leadership is really influence.”

“Walk worthy of your calling. And our calling is to show people what Jesus is like–who he is.”

“We are functioning as a leader every moment of every day, as a follower of Jesus.”

“I can’t be certain of someone’s character if I don’t have a relationship with them.”

“[If] we’re going to lead well, we have to not only believe in the greatness of God’s capabilities, but we have to trust in the goodness of his character, and that trust in His character comes from relationship with him.”

“To truly surrender–to truly step out in faith and follow God–it really comes from the idea of surrender, that God will be enough.”


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Why You Don’t Have to Strive or Step Back in Your Leadership with Erica Wiggenhorn