How do you pursue a passion project while also working full time, running a business, or managing home & family life? Is this even possible or is it a pipe dream?

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As a multi-passionate leader, it’s likely that you have many ideas and dreams you’d like to pursue. In addition, you probably have plenty of natural gifts, skills, and experiences that you could use to create a career or business.

But just because you have all of these passions and skills does not mean you necessarily should pursue them all. However, there are times when God makes it clear that there is a passion project or a dream He does want us to run after. 

So how do we do this when our lives are already full–either with a full-time job, a business we are running, or a full life of home, ministry, or other commitments?

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What do we mean by multi-passionate? 

Multi-Passionate = passion in lots of areas (relationships, business, family, ministry, community, hobby, talent, skill, etc.). Passions often light you up and when you are in the midst of them you have incredible energy. Sometimes it can be hard to choose which areas to focus on and which areas to let take a back seat.

Often we want to do it all but there usually aren’t enough hours in the day and the mundane things need attention as well. Not only are many of us multi-passionate, but many of us are skilled or have experiences in many areas, all of which COULD become a business or career path.

Here’s a key point we want you to remember:

All of your passions, skills, talents don’t need to become a business or career.  

In fact, sometimes, there may be things you are passionate about that simply can be a hobby… something you do for FUN.

If you are multi-passionate and trying to figure out where to focus, check out episode 140.


6 Keys to Pursuing a Passion Project (with a full life)

  1. Allow yourself to dream about what this passion project could look like.

Write down or map out all the ideas, dreams, and thoughts about this concept. Don’t edit yourself and allow yourself to think and ponder on this for a while. Sometimes we try to rush into doing something before we have formulated the real reason or purpose behind it.

  1. Choose one small action step you can take towards this project.

Oftentimes with something that God has put in your heart, you want to know and see the full end result at the beginning. But this is not usually how he works. He works often by asking us to take one small step of faith and then he reveals the next step from there. Look at what might be ONE thing you can do right now to pursue this project even if it’s not remotely close to what you hope it will be in the future.

  1. Don’t forget the local church.

Remember that you might be able to serve within your passion INSIDE of your local church. Churches are usually in need of excited, passionate people who are willing to serve. So if you have a passion for a particular area, consider using that within your church.

Reach out and ask the leadership if there is already  a ministry where you could use this particular passion or gift… and if not, find out if they would be okay with you starting something.

Serving in your local church allows you to hone your skills in different arenas.

  1. Remember that there are seasons in life.

Sometimes there are seasons in life that don’t have the margin for us to pursue all our passions and ideas. It’s ok to give those passions over to God and entrust him with the timing of when those can happen.

  1. Be open to what the passion project looks like.

It might not be what you originally thought. Sometimes God has a different idea of what our passion project might look like or how we might be able to make an impact that is different from our own visions and dreams. Stay open to how God might want to use you in your passion.

  1. Dedicate time to the passion project.

Make sure you have capacity and time to pursue this project. Sometimes when God calls us to something, it doesn’t make sense on paper. And we have to trust him. But sometimes, we might be trying to shove too many things into our life and it simply does not fit.

Next week you’ll be hearing a conversation that Holly and I had with Christy Wright about the idea of balance. It’s something that we’ve talked about before on the show, but I think you’re really going to like Christy’s approach to this topic.

In fact, one of the things we talk about is when we might need to STOP doing something. And the issue is for most of us who are multi-passionate, we also tend to overcommit ourselves. And when we do this, we end up not being able to do anything well.

We have to consider realistically if it’s wise for us to pursue a new project at this time. And if it is, we need to make sure we have time set aside to do so.

Remember: All of your passions, skills, talents don’t need to become a business or career.

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