Do you ever run to food for comfort when you are feeling sad, angry, or upset? Do you ever have negative self-talk with body image? Or have you prayed and asked God to give you freedom in this area, only to feel like He’s not listening?

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If you’ve ever felt like food has a hold on you or you can’t break free from negative body image issues, you are not alone. In this podcast episode, you’ll be encouraged and find hope for overcoming food addictions and finding freedom in this area.

Our guest, Dr. Rhona Epstein, is an expert in food addictions and she shares with us how to discern an addiction from a bad habit, the importance of separating food from our emotions, and the true answer for freedom.

We cannot separate the issue of our physical health from our overall health, so this is a vital issue for us to explore as Christian women leaders. We wrap up our conversation talking about how the church can play a role in helping people find freedom in this area.

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Key Points:

  • Dr. Rhona’s leadership journey
  • How Dr. Rhona found freedom from food addiction
  • The underlying issues that lead to  food addictions and disorders
  • Addictions/disorders versus bad habits
  • How faith plays a role in overcoming food addiction or eating disorders
  • Different approaches to treating food addictions and eating disorders 
  • How to help someone who may be struggling with a food issue
  • Body positivity movement and neutralizing negative body talk
  • The church’s role in talking about food and freedom
  • Leaders are learners
    • Pete Vargas
    • Dean Graziosi

Key Quotes:

“Lots of people don’t believe in food addiction as a real thing.”

“So you should love your body, whatever size you are, and you should eat right, because your body wasn’t made for junk food.” 

“I think it’s God’s will to love your body by taking care of it.”