Have you ever had a part of your life that you haven’t wanted to give God control over? If we’re honest, most of us would have to admit that there’s at least one area of our lives where we struggle with trusting God.

Angie Tonini-Rogers

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In this episode, you’ll hear from Angie Tonini-Rogers and how she had to learn how to trust God with her career and her finances. In addition, you’ll hear some of the powerful leadership lessons and insights Angie learned from her career in nursing which culminated with her being a Chief Nursing Officer.

Angie shares about the importance of leading with love, navigating the difference between perfectionism and excellence, why self-awareness and feedback is important for leaders, and one key question to ask when supervising others and evaluating their mistakes.


Key Points

  • Angie’s leadership journey
  • Leadership lessons
  • The importance of self awareness as leaders
  • Angie’s career path
  • Difference between perfectionism and excellence
  • When God called Angie to leave her nursing career
  • What Angie does now
  • Tools Angie has used to grow
  • Leaders are learners

Key Quotes:

“You never know what purpose you’re going to serve in someone’s life.”

“Please care enough about me to give me the feedback that’s hard to hear.”

“[To change culture] You have to start with yourself.”

“With excellence, there is always space that you can learn from, and there’s space for grace and mercy.”

“What’s a skill issue vs. a will issue?”

“Like any great leader, I hired a couple coaches.”

“There’s a learning opportunity with every relationship.”

“I am all for it [personality tests], because I think it gives us information. And we should use the information if it’s beneficial, and it aligns with the Word of God.”

“It’s your responsibility to understand who you’re dealing with and who you’re working with, understand their personality type, whatever that is about them, and not to pigeonhole them, but to adapt how you can be a better lead, or you can be a better coworker to them.”


Resources mentioned:

Stefanie Gass Podcast
John Gordon books

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Angie Tonini-Rogers is a daughter of a King first. Wife to the tall dark, handsome man she’s been with for 24 years, BoyMom of 3 boys, born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky.  She’s been a nurse leader for over 15 years, & recently transitioned from a Chief Nursing Officer position to start her own business. She is the host of the inspiring and slightly provoking podcast, Wholly Made Life™, for Success-driven women who deserve it all, in all areas of their lives, not just the professional.


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