What is the key to successfully leading an organization or team? And how should you respond to opposition or doubt from others about the dream God has given you?

Sonya Battle - founder of the Teacher's Resource


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In this episode, I’m talking with Sonya Battle, founder of the Teacher’s Resource. Sonya shares about her own leadership journey as well as some of the hurdles she’s had to overcome in founding a nonprofit organization. In addition, she shares what she believes to be the key to successful leadership and why being a safe place for others is so important to her.

Sonya’s story is both inspirational and insightful and is sure to give you some practical takeaways for your own leadership journey.

Key Points

  • Sonya’s leadership journey [3:55]
  • How Sonya started her nonprofit organization [13:50]
  • Why diversity is a key to success for leaders [18:20]
  • Leadership lessons [23:23]
  • Overcoming challenges or failures [28:00]
  • Responding to criticism or lack of support for our dreams [32:38]
  • How faith plays a role in Sonya’s leadership journey [36:00]
  • Leadership lightning round [39:50]
  • Leaders are learners [44:15]
  • How to connect with Sonya & The Teacher’s Resource [46:25]

Key Quotes:

“To qualify to be a leader, you have to be a servant first.”

“My failures are my fuel to my greatness.”

“Diversity is the key to great success.”

“I want people to feel safe.”

“I’m quiet and I put in the work and I let the results speak.”

“Insecurity will never attract security in any area.”

“Know who you are, know your purpose, and don’t budge from it.”

“The greatest strength that we can operate in is the strength of the Father.”

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Sonya Battle founded The Teacher’s Resource in August of 2020 out of a desire to provide much-needed support and self-care for teachers at a level that has not existed before.

Her greatest joy in life has always come from helping others. By starting The Teacher’s Resource, she is now able to take action and be a part of the change. Her focus is on helping teachers not only to succeed – but to thrive.

Her history teacher once told her that she had the ability, power, love, and influence to make an impact on the lives of others. She has held onto that message and it encourages her to keep moving forward. Sonya knows that her true purpose is to not only make a difference, but to be the difference.


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