Have you ever considered whether your thoughts and feelings about money are lined up with God’s word? How can you shift any inaccurate thoughts or unhealthy money habits to ones that reflect the heart of God?

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In this conversation, Holly and I talk with faith-based money coach Katie Jones. We discover how Katie’s leadership journey and her passion for a Biblical perspective of money came about, and we dig deep into why this matters for Christians.

Katie shares about some of the false beliefs about money we often hold as Christians as well as how we can change our views. We also discuss how the way we handle our finances is directly connected to our relationship with God. Katie also shares her thoughts on whether or not there’s a point where someone might have “too much” money as well as how we can start to develop Biblical money management.

No matter your leadership role, you are affected in some way by money. This episode will push you to consider how your views about money are affecting not only your own life but also the church as a whole.

Key Points About Why & How Leaders Can Cultivate a Biblical View of Money 

  • Katie’s life and leadership [3:23]
  • Katie’s leadership journey [5:00]
  • How Katie’s passion for a Biblical view of money came about [8:00]
  • Why Christians need to have a Biblical perspective of finances [10:30]
  • False beliefs about money that Christians believe [14:03]
  • How to change our views about money [23:50]
  • Judging other Christians with more money [34:41]
  • The 5 pillars of Biblical money management [42:15]
  • Leaders are learners [59:45]



“Think about how many churches could be impacted if people, from a younger age, were filled with and equipped with excellent money management skills that are rooted in the gospel.”

“Many people don’t bring their faith into their money decisions.”

“God is the one who provided everything for us, including the ability to produce our wealth.”

“If your heart is positioned in a way that you’re trying to honor and glorify the Lord, shouldn’t that transform… what you do with your money, where you spend it… how you view your money?”

“There’s probably a bit of truth in each of these [money] lessons that you’ve learned. But how can we really form it into a full picture that does align with your faith?”

“Continuously reflect on the question: ‘How does God want me to spend money–what will glorify him the most?’”

“Budgeting is really the key to stewarding your money really well. And a budget is simply having a plan.”

“Being a leader is a really awesome excuse to learn all of the time.”

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Connect with Katie Jones:

Katie is a faith-based money coach with Agape Investing, where she helps equip young professionals with excellent money management skills that are rooted in the gospel so that they are set up on a path to true biblical financial freedom. Katie is also a real estate agent and investor and loves to help people get financially stable in order to buy their first, or next house. She currently lives in Denver, Colorado where she enjoys exploring the Rocky Mountains with her husband.


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