Would you consider yourself an idol worshiper? Most of us would say no. However when asked if you have ever struggled in the area of comparison, you may be able to better identify.

Heather Creekmore - Comparison Idolatry and approval

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In this conversation, Holly and I speak with Heather Creekmore and she provides some real talk about the issue of comparison. Heather shares her story of struggling with body issues since she was 9 years old and how she found freedom from the comparison trap.

Heather also talks of ways to get out of the comparison cycle that often lives within our minds. You will not want to miss this lively conversation from the former “Nailed It” contestant and learn how to get out of the comparison cycle in your life.

Key Points Discussed:

  • Heather’s life and leadership journey [3:50]
  • Leadership lessons [8:07]
  • Heather’s story of dealing with comparison [10:30]
  • How Heather’s participation in the show “Nailed It” on Netflix relates to the issue of comparison [14:48]
  • The tension between comparison vs. having a healthy desire to grow and develop [18:56]
  • What a comparison-free life looks like [23:08]
  • What is truly at the root of comparison [29:40]
  • Getting out of the comparison cycle [35:29]
  • Why we need to know our identity to combat the issue of comparison [42:24]
  • The three ways we can understand grace [45:33]
  • Dealing with other people’s expectations [48:33]
  • How women can live in contentment [56:05]
  • Changing church culture [59:33]
  • Leaders are learners [1:03:22]


Key Quotes from the Episode:

“All areas of my life where I found I was stuck in comparison were at some level had a root of idolatry.”

“I think where comparison muddies us up and really inhibits us as believers and followers of Jesus Christ is that we see people doing something we also think we are called to do and we stop.”

“We have a freedom to live out our calling the way He has uniquely gifted us to do.”

“I have no control over what other people think of me.”

“We cannot be grateful as the world is grateful and expect it to lead to Godly contentment.”

“To leave the Gospel out of our gratitude practice is to miss the whole point.”

“What a radical testimony to the Lord to have someone walking through churches who is leading a comparison-free life.” – Holly Cain



Connect with Heather Creekmore:

Heather Creekmore writes and speaks hope to thousands of women each week inspiring them to stop comparing and start living. Her first book Compared to Who? encourages women to uncover the spiritual root of body image issues and find freedom. Her new  release, The Burden of Better, offers women a journey into the depths of God’s grace to find a way off the treadmill of constant comparison. Heather has been featured on Fox News, Huff Post, Morning Dose, Church Leaders, For Every Mom, along with dozens of other shows and podcasts. But she’s best recognized from her appearance as a contestant on the Netflix hit show, Nailed It. Heather and her fighter-pilot-turned-pastor husband, Eric have four children and live in Austin, Texas.

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