What does it mean to have a ‘Biblical mindset’ and why is this vital for Christian leaders and business owners? And how can we discern between true Biblical mindset approaches vs. those that sound spiritual but may not align with God’s word?

Veronica Hoddenbaugh

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In this conversation, I’m talking with messaging strategist & Biblical mindset coach Veronica Hoddenbagh. You’ll hear what this term ‘biblical mindset’ means and why it’s so important for Christian leaders. In addition, Veronica shares about a dark time in her life and how that led her to being passionate about this topic.

We also dive into whether or not we should use affirmations as Christians, and what a Biblical view of mindset blocks or limiting beliefs looks like. We also discuss practical ways to develop a Biblical mindset and how this helps you deal with challenging situations in your life.

This conversation will benefit you no matter what context you’re leading in, so be sure to listen in and hear what God may have for you.

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How to Develop a Biblical Mindset as a Leader or Business Owner

  • Veronica’s Life & Leadership [3:17]
  • Veronica’s leadership journey [4:23]
  • Leadership lessons [6:31]
  • What is Biblical mindset? [8:30]
  • Veronica’s season of darkness and how this led her to be passionate about this [11:16]
  • Discerning between what sounds spiritual and what is truly Biblical mindset [16:22]
    • 2 questions to ask when evaluating affirmations: “God is this your way?” and “Is it the best way?”
  • How to develop a Biblical mindset [22:30]
  • Dealing with limiting beliefs [31:58]
  • Mindset vs. challenging circumstances [43:54]
  • Leaders are learners [48:03]
  • Connect with Veronica [50:35]
  • Esther’s invite for Christian business women [52:09]


“The best leader is first a follower.”

“To have a biblical mindset is to think first on God and His purposes, rather than us and our purposes.”

“We’re commanded throughout Scripture to pay attention to what’s going on in our minds.”

“Make sure that the things that you’re speaking are aligned with what God actually promises as opposed to just what you made up and hoped that he would bless.”

“In my anxiety battle, I didn’t even know how to pray.”

“When God decides to roll something out, the impact is above all we could have ever imagined.”

“A limiting belief in ourselves is somewhat right… we actually cannot do anything that we are called to do in our own strength.”

Connect with Veronica:

Veronica Hoddenbagh is a Messaging Strategist who is passionate about helping women to share their message clearly so that they can attract their ideal clients with their content. She is a passionate follower of Jesus, wife to her high school sweetheart, mom of 3 toddlers (and expecting her fourth child this summer!), and lives in Ottawa, Canada.

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