Have you ever wondered if you’re qualified to do what you are doing in your leadership or business? Maybe you’ve questioned if you’re actually cut out to do this or whether anyone will take you seriously.

Esther Littlefield speaking in Sedona

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If you’ve ever struggled with self-doubt, feeling like a fraud, or wondering if you’re on the right track, you’re not alone. As a Christian woman leader or business owner, you want to serve God and others with your gifts and skills, but sometimes you’re not sure if you’re worthy of doing what God has put on your heart.

For today’s episode, you’re going to hear an episode I recorded for the Christian Woman Business Podcast: 3 Ways to Develop Confidence & Combat Imposter Syndrome in Your Business. But it’s not just for business owners… you’ll get value from this even if you’re leading in other settings, because the steps I walk you through will be applicable no matter the role you’re in right now.

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