Have you ever considered working from home with your own business? Or perhaps you’ve considered hiring someone to work virtually for your own ministry or business, but you’re not sure what that would actually look like.

Alyssa Avant

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In this episode, Holly and I talk with Alyssa Avant, virtual assistant and coach, about her leadership journey. We dive into what it looks like to be a virtual assistant as well as what it means for those who hire one. In addition, we explore the leadership lessons she has learned in her business journey and why values and self-awareness are so important.

Key Points Discussed:

  • Alyssa’s life and leadership journey
  • What is a virtual assistant & who would need to hire one?
  • Leadership traits that are needed to work virtually
  • Transitioning to teaching others about how to be a VA
  • Leadership challenges Alyssa has faced in her business
  • Values that Alyssa includes in her business
  • How Alyssa decided to focus on serving Christian clients and students
  • Why it’s important to say no to clients who are not a good fit
  • The value of self-awareness
  • How Alyssa has become more confident in her journey
  • How she manages her different roles as business owner, wife, and mom
  • Leaders are Learners

Key Quotes from the Episode:

  • “You need discipline, diligence, and determination, and a big why [to work virtually].”
  • “My mission in life is to serve God and serve others well.”
  • “It takes a lot of leadership and confidence to turn clients away.” – Esther
  • “Saying no has been beneficial to me.”
  • “Learning to say no to the wrong client for the right client to come into place.”
  • “I’ve had to learn to push myself out of my comfort zone.”

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Connect with Alyssa Avant:

Alyssa Avant is a Virtual Assistant Coach who coaches, trains and equips virtual assistants to serve their clients with diligence and provide high quality customer service.  She connects Christian Business Owners and Ministry leaders with trained virtual assistants through her Christian Business Advantage Virtual Assistant Directory.

She is a wife of 20 years to her husband Greg, a mother of three teenagers, and dog mom to her Basset Hound, Coltrane. She and her family live in a small town in Mississippi.

You can find Alyssa online at http://alyssaavantandcompany.com

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