Healthy relationships are crucial to leadership, but which ones are the most foundational? And is there a framework to make sure these critical relationships start and stay healthy? Holly and I dive into a topic that’s vital to leadership and to our own well-being.

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Holly and I kick off our Relationship Series by discussing an overview of healthy relationships for leaders. We introduce our relationship framework and share what we feel are the most important relationships in a leader’s life. In addition, we share some key relationships principles that have helped us build healthy relationships.

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Our Relationship Framework

Healthy relationships are crucial to being a good leader because leadership always involves other people. Holly and I break down relationships into four concentric circles:

In the center of our relationship circle is our relationship with God.

The next circle includes our most important relationships like those with our spouse and/or children.

The next circle involves our friendships.

And the outermost circle is our community, acquaintances, etc.

Relationship with God

It’s important to understand that our relationship with God impacts how we treat and view ourselves and how we treat and view others. In other words, this relationship is the most impactful and influential relationship we have.

Understanding that only God can fulfill us and knowing that He fully knows and loves us forms the foundation of how we operate. When God is our source of love, identity, and security, we don’t look to others to fill us up.

Relationship with Yourself

While this concept may sound a bit out there, it’s really integral to be self-aware so that you can interact with others in a healthy way. Having a healthy view of who you are in Christ is essential to being a good leader.

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Some healthy habits to relate to yourself well include:

  • Prioritizing caring for yourself so that you can serve others well.
  • Being kind to yourself by receiving the grace that God offers.
  • Treating yourself as you would treat others.
  • Realizing that the personality traits that others may find frustrating like being bossy or loud aren’t necessarily sinful and can refined by Christ.

Remember that your relationships with others will only be as healthy as your relationship with yourself.

Relationship with Others

It’s important to know that our relationships with others flows from our relationships with God and with our self. To have those healthy outside relationships, remember to step back and spend time working on those two foundational relationships first.

Relationship problems result when we’re insecure in and unaware of the truth that we’re fully loved by God. Often we try to fix relationship first before solidifying our relationship with God.

Healthy Relationship Principles & Tools

Holly and I outline eight principles and resources that have been helpful in our relationships:

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