Have you ever felt like your shy or quiet personality holds you back as a leader? Are you wearing multiple hats and juggling all kinds of different responsibilities as a leader? Do you struggle with slowing down, resting, and being quiet in the midst of your busy life?

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In this episode, I chat with Rachael Gilbert, a homeschooling momma of three, business owner, coach, blogger, co-host of the Declare Conference and podcast host of Real Talk with Rachael. We dive into the topics of personality + leadership, the importance of speaking encouragement over others, and how Rachael manages all of her different responsibilities and roles. We also dive into the value of boundaries in her schedule and how she creates time for rest.

Rachael’s Leadership Journey

Rachael’s leadership journey started when a woman at church asked her if she’d like to be a small group leader even though Rachael didn’t feel qualified to lead because of her quiet personality. She took on that leadership challenge then became a leader of leaders and now leads women through her online business and blog.

Today she leads her kids at home, women online and through her church, and women in real life through the Declare Conference.

“Quiet is a personality trait, but shy is a decision.” -Rachael GilbertClick To Tweet

The Value of Speaking into Others

Rachael shares with us that her leadership journey started when one woman at her church called out leadership in her, something Rachael couldn’t see in herself at the time. Now Rachael makes it her mission to call leadership out in other women. She shares that she’s always looking for mentors and for someone to mentor.

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Rachael’s Message

There’s one message that Rachael wants you to take away from this podcast and that’s that God has put something unique and valuable inside of each person, but fear impacts us from using our gifts and talents. It’s important that each of us stop and deal with the lies that we’re telling ourselves.

Rachael and I talk about how the truth is that we’re all leaders; it’s just the number of people we lead may vary.

Self-Awareness, Identity, & Gifts

Rachael loves these tools to help us discover our gifts and talents:

Rachael shares in the podcast that the more time she hangs out with God, the easier it is for her to embrace how she’s gifted. She also asks God to show her who she’s supposed to encourage each day.

The Importance of Routines & Boundaries in Leadership

Rachael shares the importance of boundaries and rest and how this has benefited her and her family. She notes that a big key to her ability to get a lot done is having systems in place. She manages all the different responsibilities she has by asking herself, “What’s the hat I’m wearing today?” Then she simply focuses on that one role at that time.

In addition, Rachel and her family take Sunday as a Sabbath, and they don’t do anything on Sunday that would have to be scheduled or added to their calendar. She also takes the day off from social media and email.

Rachael also takes certain days and/or times during the week off from social media or away from her computer. Rachael says:

“I don’t ever want it to be where other people have more access to me than my own household.”

Taking time to rest has created more peace in her home and business. It also allows her to feel energized on Monday mornings and ready to accomplish what’s ahead. Rachael shares that it’s important for each person to hear from the Lord about what your day of rest should look like.

Advice for Younger Leaders

Rachael’s advice for younger leaders is to start by taking the first step. Start small, and learn from your mistakes in the small things. Ask God to open your eyes to who are you are leading.

Rachael’s definition of leadership: “Me following God so closely that other people are drawn to follow behind me.”

Rachael says she wants people to follow the Lord as a result of her life and the way she leads. She also wants to teach others how to hear God for themselves.

“We’re missing a huge piece of life and leadership if we don’t teach people how to have that personal connection with the Lord themselves, and then turn them into leaders as well.”

Leaders are Learners

Connect with Rachael

Rachael Gilbert is a former Oklahoman turned Texan by her husband, homeschooling momma of 3, business owner, coach, blogger, co-host of the Declare Conference & show host of Real Talk with Rachael. She loves Jesus and likes to seek outdoor adventures with her husband. She is passionate about seeing women walk in freedom in all areas of their lives! Nothing brings her more joy then calling the gold out of women and inspiring them to walk in their God-given destiny.

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