Do you want to be a leader who others can rely on? Would you like to be trustworthy and dependable? 

Becoming a Trustworthy Leader by Developing Consistency [Leadership Traits Series]

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One of the best ways to become a trustworthy leader is to be a consistent leader. Consistency is not one of the most exciting traits to talk about, but we want to include it in our leadership traits series because it can have a massive impact on your leadership.

In this conversation, Holly and I will share what consistency looks like, why it’s so important and the Biblical perspective on this topic. We’ll also share how to develop this trait even if it doesn’t come naturally to you.


Developing the trait of consistency:

What does consistency look like?

  • Example: the tortoise and the hare. The tortoise was consistent and won the race.
  • Consistency is often the small, daily, consistent things we do.
  • It’s following through on what you say you will do.
  • Staying committed to the mission.

“Consistency is one of the most important traits that will dictate your long-term success.”


Why is consistency important in leadership?

“If you want your team or those who follow you to trust you, you have to be consistent.”


A Biblical perspective on consistency

We can see the idea of consistency in the Bible in the terms “steadfastness”, “endurance”, and “patience.”

Scriptures that demonstrate the trait of consistency:

  • James 1:2-4
  • 1 Corinthians 15:58
  • Galatians 6:9 

How to develop consistency (even if it doesn’t come naturally):

These are recommendations that Holly and I have for you based on our own experiences of working to develop consistency in our lives. In particular, Holly notes that this trait is not a natural tendency but she has found ways to develop the trait and become more consistent. 

  • Fake it till you make it. Sometimes we need to stay committed even if we don’t feel like it. Then our feelings and thoughts will follow our actions.
  • Accountability. Find people you love that you don’t want to let down.
  • Life lessons. Sometimes you have to fail someone to learn what kind of distress it caused them. When this happens, it motivates you to avoid it in the future.
  • Self-awareness. Become aware of your natural tendencies when it comes to consistency. This will allow you to be proactive and prepared for the times when you want to throw in the towel.
  • Recognize that life is hard and consistency is needed. When you realize that there are going to be setbacks and disappointments no matter what you do, it will help you to be prepared for these instead of dreaming that things will be perfect.
  • Doing things whether you want to or not. Work on building discipline and self-control. This is not fun but when you develop habits and consistency, it will be easier to endure difficult situations as a leader. 
  • Rely on the Holy Spirit. You don’t have to develop this trait on your own. The Holy Spirit is there to help you along the way.
  • Build in rewards. Find something that you want to do and use that as a motivator to accomplish the tasks that you don’t want to do. 
  • Remember your why. Keep in mind why you committed to this particular activity or mission or business. When you do, it will be easier to complete the task because you are thinking about the bigger picture.


Action Step:

Identify what your natural tendency is when you’re at the point where you are not wanting to be consistent or you don’t want to follow through on a commitment. Share with us in the Purposeful Leadership FB group!


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