Encouragement is a powerful thing, and it’s not really an optional part of life and leadership as a Christian. Scripture shows us that we should be encouraging one another, but what does this look like practically and how can we find our unique ways of offering encouragement?

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In this episode, Holly and I speak with Kari Bartkus of Love Does That. Kari shares her leadership journey and how this has shifted from being in ministry to now running her own business. 

Kari is passionate about being present and showing up for others who are hurting around her, and this is how her business began. In our conversation, Kari is sharing all about why encouragement is so important, how to go about encouraging others, and even how we as leaders sometimes need to become better at asking for or receiving encouragement. 


Key Points Discussed:

  • Kari’s life & leadership [3:00]
  • Leadership lessons Kari has learned [6:40]
  • The importance of encouragement [11:19]
  • How we can practice encouragement better within the church [15:00]
  • Why we need to ask for help [23:00]
  • Practical ways to encourage others [32:08]
  • Learning to trust again [39:00]
  • Leaders are learners [45:15]


Key Quotes from the Episode:

  • “It takes a lot of courage and it takes a lot of discernment to know how to reach out to each person.” 
  • “When you are serving in your area of gifts, you are encouraging others.”
  • “It may not be your area of service that you feel most comfortable in, but I believe God uses those moments to grow us and stretch us.”
  • “If you are in the position of needing the encouragement and help, you do have to be willing to put yourself out there sometimes.”
  • “I don’t want us to get trapped in this idea that encouragement has to look a specific way.”
  • “One of the things I have found most helpful is to say: ‘I don’t know what to say to you right now to make this feel better, but I just want you to know that I’m here.’”
  • “Sometimes there are no words.”
  • “Sometimes we forget the power of just sitting with people.” – Holly Cain


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Seeing far too many people go through hardship alone, Kari Bartkus became determined to show up and be present when those around her were hurting. Through her work at Love Does That, she equips others to do the same, providing practical tips and prayerfully-made gifts that serve as tangible expressions of care. Knowing that encouragement has to come from a place of abiding with Jesus, she also offers creative Bible studies and workshops that invite women to stay close to Him so they can be prepared to be the hands and feet of Jesus to those around them.


Kari and her family live in Indiana where they enjoy small town living and trips to the lake. Deliveries to their home usually mean craft supplies or a new book… or the vanilla chai that Kari likes (maybe a little bit too much). 


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