What does it really mean to embrace your gifts? Are we making it harder than it has to be?

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The mission of this podcast is to help you embrace your gifts and lead with confidence. But do you know what it looks like to do this? 

In this episode, I’m sharing a personal update along with some thoughts on how you can start to truly embrace your own gifts. Often, we overcomplicate this because we think that maybe using our gifts has to be difficult. But many times, embracing our gifts means doing what comes easiest to us.

Key Points on Embracing Your Gifts and Making an Impact:

  • Where the phrase “embrace your gifts and lead with confidence” came from [1:00]
  • How my journey and study of God’s word lead to podcast episodes and the Confident Leader Catalyst [3:25]
  • My current journey of learning about using my gifts [4:46]
  • The key question that my friend asked me [9:15]
  • What it meant for me to truly lean into my gifts [11:00]
  • My personal business update [16:55]
  • How to consider whether you are fully using your gifts – ask yourself these questions [22:00]
    • Do I know what my gifts are?
    • Do I have clarity around my purpose?
    • Do I know who God has called me to serve with my gifts? 
    • Am I walking in confidence and taking courageous action towards these things? 
    • Am I being pulled in too many different directions?
    • Am I trying to do too much and therefore not having the impact I could have if I focused more?
    • Am I ignoring the signs from God because I am concerned about what others might think if I stop, shift, or change something?
  • My hope for you moving forward


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  • “If I did all the things I had outlined, I was never going to be able to sleep.”
  • “My friend challenged me to think about where I was most gifted and where I could have the most impact.”
  • “I needed to lean into these gifts. I needed to truly embrace them and focus on serving my people.”
  • “Often using your gifts is going to be the thing that comes the easiest to you.”
  • “When you are fully using the gifts that God has given you and the natural wiring that He has created you with, you are going to be most fully alive and most fully able to make an impact.”
  • “I cannot continue to do all of these things and do them well.”
  • “When you operate in your gifts, when your heart is to bring glory to God, and when you focus on serving those God has called you to… you will start to become an incredible leader.”
  • “There’s nothing more painful than being stuck in a season or in a place that you no longer belong.” – Jennifer Allwood


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