The statistics show that a lot of kids leave the Christian faith when they become teens and young adults. Is there anything that adults can do to help change this pattern?

photo of Lee Ann Mancini - podcast episode about developing a solid faith foundation in our children

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In this episode, our guest Lee Ann Mancini shares with us about her passion for helping parents develop a solid faith foundation in our children. She believes that, when parents begin instilling faith at a young age, that this will help reverse the trend of kids walking away at older ages.

Lee Ann shares tips and ideas for parents who want to do this, as well as ways for churches to be more proactive in this area as well. We also discuss the power that mothers have in this process and  how they can still be a strong role model for their kids even if they do not have a believing spouse.


Developing a Solid Faith Foundation in our Children:

  • LeeAnn’s life and leadership [3:00]
  • Helping kids have a solid faith foundation [6:40]
  • The church’s responsibility in developing a faith foundation for kids [16:00]
  • How parents can approach their church if they feel more should be done [20:00]
  • What moms can do if their spouse isn’t a believer or isn’t leading the family in faith [24:00]
  • Leaders are Learners [26:30]


Key Quotes from the episode:

  • “Children are getting set to the side with little Biblical doctrine being taught to them.”
  • “Moms are powerful. I don’t think we get enough credit for what we do as moms.”
  • “Don’t wait; start now.”
  • “If you force a child to do something, then that’s not building a heart foundation in Christ.”


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Lee Ann is the host of Raising Christian Kids podcast, which can be found on all major platforms including,, and Raising Christian Kids is a five to ten-minute podcast that equips and empowers mothers, grandparents, teachers, and all who are raising the next generation, to have a strong foundation in Jesus. 


Lee Ann is an award-winning Christian children’s author and Executive Producer of the new animation series Sea Kids, which can be seen on Trinity Broadcasting Network, Pure Flix, Right Now Media, and


Her God-given mission and desire are to serve all who are raising the next generation of Christians by preparing the soil to be rich from the womb to age three in which to plant the seeds that grow deep roots from ages four to ten.


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