How do you handle it when things don’t go as planned? What about when a whole year doesn’t go as planned? 

What To Do When Things Don’t Go as Planned: ProcessingYour Circumstances [Reflection Series]

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As we wrap up 2020 here on the podcast, Holly and I decided to do a 3-part Reflection Series with you. During this series, we’ll walk through some of the questions that Sandy shared with us on Episode 128, plus throw in some of our own questions.

In this conversation, we’re focusing on processing our circumstances. Holly and I are sharing openly about how the circumstances of 2020 impacted us personally. We’re also discussing what you can do when circumstances don’t go as planned, or when things feel hopeless or devastating.

We hope that this series will help you slow down and take time to reflect right alongside us. To make this easy for you, we’ve created a Processing & Reflection Guide which will provide you with all the questions we are using during this series! So you don’t have to try and write anything down while listening – you can grab the guide and just follow along with us. 

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Questions we consider as we process the challenging year we’ve had and begin to look towards the future:

  • How are your circumstances different at the end of 2020 than you anticipated they would be back when you set goals and planned for the year?
  • Ask God the following:
    • Who would you like to be for me in my circumstances?
    • What would you like to do in me through it?
    • How would you like me to respond?
  • What truths can you cling to when your circumstances feel hopeless or devastating? (scriptures, truths, practices)
  • What’s something good that has come as a result of the different circumstances this year?

For these questions plus the ones we’ll cover in the remaining episodes in this series, grab the free Processing & Reflection Guide we made for you:

Click here for the guide


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What To Do When Things Don’t Go as Planned: ProcessingYour Circumstances [Reflection Series]