How can you thrive in your work and your personal life when you have a demanding career? And how can you transition from employee to entrepreneurship if you have a dream you want to pursue?

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If you work full-time, have your own business, or have a maxed out schedule as a female Christian leader, you know staying healthy and making time for what matters to you can be a challenge. But it doesn’t have to be impossible.

In this conversation, Dr. Ronke Dosunmu is sharing with us about how to thrive and stay healthy even when you have a demanding career. As a physician who owned her own private practice for 25 years, she certainly has experience and wisdom to share.

In addition, Dr. Ronke shares with us about how to transition from an employee role into entrepreneurship. She provides tips for determining your first steps as well as identifying who you need around you in order to be successful. We also learn about the habits that Dr. Ronke has used to manage her work and personal life.

No matter your current leadership role or work situation, you’re sure to gain insights and wisdom you can apply from this conversation.

Thriving in Work and Life and How to Transition From Employee to Entrepreneurship:

  • Ronke’s Leadership Journey [3:02]
  • Leadership lessons that Ronke has learned [5:51]
  • Healthy work/life balance [8:15]
    • Articulating your value as a team member
    • How to identify where you want to go 
    • Staying healthy when work/life is demanding
  • Moving from employee to entrepreneurship [17:00]
    • Is entrepreneurship for everyone?
    • What are the first steps toward entrepreneurship?
    • Who do you need around you to be successful?
      • Business coach or mentor
      • Personal board of directors
    • Tips to maintain work/life balance when you’re an entrepreneur
    • Habits to be successful in business
  • How faith has impacted Ronke’s journey [36:00]
  • Leaders are Learners [37:30]


Key Quotes:

  • “You need to be confident. If you don’t believe what you are saying, no one else is going to believe you.”
  • “The way you treat people determines whether or not they want to follow you.”
  • “If we start with the reason why we work we can put everything else into a better perspective.”
  • “Work is to fit into our lives; our lives should not have to fit into work.”
  • “If you don’t know your value, no one else will.”
  • “If you can clearly see what you want the end to be, then you can draw a road map from where you are to where you want to go.”
  • “An entrepreneur is someone that finds a problem and provides a solution.”
  • “Ideas are a dime a dozen but execution is king.”
  • “That problem that you have the inkling to solve is a solution that someone else is waiting for.”
  • “The more you see what’s important to you the more you want to do it.”


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Ronke Dosunmu is a business and career coach as well as a serial entrepreneur. Her experience in corporate America as well as her 25+ years in pediatric private practice, gives her insight into the effects of unbalanced careers on the health and overall well being of the family. 

She is passionate about helping professional women become confident and impactful leaders and successful entrepreneurs, without sacrificing their personal health or family commitments.


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